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Here we introduce duties of maintenance engineers such as line maintenance and aircraft inspections and maintenance.
We perform maintenance work meticulously to deliver safety and peace of mind to all customers.

Line Maintenance

The main job of line maintenance is performing aircraft inspections between flights.
Inspections between flights are aircraft inspections and maintenance between arrival and departure of the next flight.

Aircraft inspections and maintenance

To perform maintenance on aircraft, engineers must be knowledgeable of important, complex and diverse systems necessary for safe aircraft operations. However, cutting-edge aircraft are loaded with diverse, state-of-the art technology, which is so profound that one maintenance engineer cannot understand all areas completely.

Engine Maintenance

In the Engine Maintenance Center, JAL Group aircraft undergo engine maintenance. Engine parts are disassembled, assembled, tested, repaired, inspected and cleaned.

Aircraft Accessory Maintenance

In accessory maintenance, maintenance is performed on all parts removed from the aircraft except engine parts.

Maintenance Services

Apart from the above maintenance work on JAL Group aircraft, we also provide maintenance services to over 50 airlines, domestically and internationally, such as line maintenance, aircraft inspections and maintenance, engine maintenance and accessory maintenance.

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