Safety Safety Charter

Safety in flight is a social responsibility and a vital management issue of the JAL Group. Recognizing the need to declare our policy of safety in flight under the JAL Group Corporate Policy in tangible terms we established the Safety Charter.
JAL Group strives to provide customers with safe and comfortable flights, and would appreciate your continued support and future patronage.

Safety in flight operations is the very foundation and social responsibility of the JAL Group.
To carry out our mission of assuring safety, the management will exert its strong resolve and the employees will bear an awareness of their individual roles and responsibilities, and together we will combine our utmost knowledge and capabilities to ensure the safety and reliable operation of each and every flight.

In order to carry out our mission, we will conduct;

  • Perform our duties in compliance with regulations, faithfully following the basics.
  • Be sure to make checks, without relying on assumptions.
  • Relay information thoroughly, promptly and accurately, and ensure transparency.
  • Respond to problems and issues quickly and precisely.
  • Maintain a constant awareness of issues, and make necessary reforms without hesitation.

Every staff of all airlines within the JAL Group has been distributed and carries a card-type Safety Charter.