Safety Cargo Staff

The aircraft cargo compartment is loaded with various shipments, such as electronic components, valuables, perishables, and live animals. Cargo staff pay the utmost attention so that these shipments do not affect flight safety.
First, when accepting cargo from the customers, they check documents and cargo packaging to make sure that shipments do not contain cargo prohibited from transport, do not damage the aicraft during flight, and such. If necessary, they inspect the cargo.

Checks contents of the shipment against documents

Next, the customers' shipments are built -up in containers etc.,so that they can be loaded and unloaded easily. (On small-sized aircraft, the shipments are loaded directly onto aircraft.) When containerizing, cargo staff pay attention to the weight of each cargo and the Center of Gravity and built-up accordingly so that cargo do not lean or crumble during flight, and then secure the cargo in place on the container, etc. (or aircaft).

Containerizes cargo, taking into account cargo weight, Center of Gravity, and ways of building up the cargo

Finally, cargo staff calculate the total weight of cargo, and report to the section that makes the Load Plan for cargo, baggage, and fuel. As cargo weight affects the Center of Gravity of the aircraft and various weight imitations, cargo staff weigh cargo and report accurately and carefully.

Accurately weights cargo to ensure safety in flight