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Safety and Quality

To deliver peace of mind to every customer

Safety is the foundation of business continuity for the JAL Group. We will provide customers with safe and secure flights in any situation.

Safety Stance and System Safety

Here we explain our philosophy, policy and system to provide a safe and comfortable journey that customers can enjoy with peace of mind.

JAL Group Safety Report

Explanation of our safety initiatives
in a simple report format.

Staff who support daily flight safety

Here we explain the duties and responsibilities of staff for providing customers with safe and secure flights.


Duties of Staff Members

We establish detailed work flows for every staff member to achieve smooth teamwork and ensure safety on a daily basis.

Important devices and equipment to ensure safety

The JAL Group adopts various technologies, devices and equipment to secure safety. Meticulous Maintenance Technology

For Your Safety

Find information on rules to ensure your safety at the airport.

In-flight Safety Video

Provides easy-to-understand precautions on board to ensure safety and peace of mind.

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