CSR Top Management Commitment to CSR

Top Management
Commitment to CSR

Contribute to the betterment of society in ways only JAL Group can deliver, and achieve sustainable, synergic development with society.

The JAL Group embarks on a new journey as a private company through the understanding and cooperation of many people.
We will press forward brightly and positively through joint efforts, never forgetting our gratitude to society, so that we may become the world's most preferred airline group by customers.

We would like to achieve sustainable growth as a company that is needed and trusted by society, and to hear JAL supporters and customers who continued to use JAL even after our bankruptcy say, "I'm glad JAL is still here to serve us".
Therefore we will address social issues through our business operations, acknowledging our corporate social responsibility.

There are many issues to be resolved in modern society. On the domestic front, we have problems with an aging society and a falling birthrate, a decline in international competitiveness, an economic slowdown in regional areas, and post-quake restoration problems. On the international scene, environmental problems have worsened, natural catastrophes have increased, human rights issues and widening disparities prevail in developing countries, and conflicting values are clashing among groups of diverse members. We live and enjoy the fruits of this era. It is our responsibility to come face to face with these issues and respond so that future generations may live in an even better society.

We will fulfill our responsibilities as a corporate citizen not only through activities that build the basis of our company, such as flight safety which constitutes the group's foundation, compliance and corporate governance, but also activities that only the JAL Group can deliver. We will accomplish this by practicing JAL Philosophy, our code of conduct, and aim to achieve our Corporate Policy; increase corporate value and contribute to the betterment of society. In other words, we will do our best to meet society's expectations through our core air transport business. Each employee will ask him/herself, "What can I do for society?", present new values unique to JAL, and strive to address and alleviate social issues.

Through our CSR activities, we would like to achieve growth together with society in a sustainable and synergistic manner.

April 2013
Yoshiharu Ueki
Representative Director, President
Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.