ISO Actions for ISO26000 Core Subjects

Actions for ISO26000 Core Subjects
by the JAL Group

ISO26000 is a guidance on social responsibility issued by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO)in November 2010. It provides guidelines for organizations including businesses to operate in a socially responsible way.
ISO26000 defines seven principles of social responsibility; 1.Accountability, 2.Transparency, 3.Ethical behavior, 4.Respect for stakeholder interests, 5.Respect for the rule of law, 6.Respect for international norms of behavior, 7.Respect for human rights. It presents seven core subjects that every user of ISO26000 should consider and guidelines for effective actions for each core subject.

Organizational Governance

A system to promote corporate social responsibility(CSR).

Establish a corporate governance structure that results in high management transparency and strong management monitoring

We maintain awareness as we develop our business that our corporate group is a member of broader society with the duty to fulfill our corporate social responsibility and contribute to society, in addition to fulfilling our financial responsibility of earning adequate profits through fair competition while maintaining flight safety and providing the highest quality of service to our customers.
Taking into account the above, we will strengthen our corporate governance structure with the aim to enhance management transparency and monitoring. Furthermore, we will strive to increase our corporate value through compliance with all laws, regulations and rules governing our corporate activities and by establishing and operating a risk management system for managing various types of risks and stabilizing our business.

Executive Officer General Affairs Hiroyuki Hioka

Labour Practices

The JAL Group promotes the creation of a comfortable work environment for every JAL Group staff in accordance with the JAL Group Corporate Policy and JAL Philosophy.

Creating an Environment in which All Employees Exel Headed
by Leaders with Talent and Personality

I am responsible for helping each individual employee grow as a well-rounded individual. We are developing systems and educational programs to expand their potential and the fields where they can excel while also cultivating leaders with talent and personality by emphasizing opportunities for senior colleagues to mentor their junior colleagues. In addition, efforts are underway to promote diversity and changing workstyles so that every JAL Group employee can advance to higher levels of excellence, regardless of gender, nationality or age.

Executive Officer (Human Resources) Takuya Oda


The JAL Group recognizes that environmental impact reduction and environmental conservation are crucial management priorities.

The JAL Group actively deals with various environmental issues,
while maintaining flight safety.

The JAL Group provides unparalleled service to the customers while maintaining safety in air transport, and recognizes that environmental impact reduction and environmental conservation are crucial management priorities. As considerations for the global environment, we have established JAL Environment Guidelines in accordance with the JAL Group Corporate Policy and will continuously strive to achieve Eco-Skies.

Representative Director, Senior Managing Executive Officer Communication Division Junko Okawa