CSR Environmental targets of
the airline industry

Debates on CO2 emissions from international aviation are entrusted to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). The airline industry emits about 2% of greenhouse gases globally, and ICAO has set up an ambitious target of improving fuel efficiency by 1.4% annually to 2020, capping net emission with CNG2020, and cutting emissions by 2% per Revenue Ton Kilometers each year by 2050 from 2005. (See graph below)
JAL attends ICAO and IATA related conferences and participates in establishing a system for achieving CNG2020. As aircraft CO2 reduction measures, JAL continuously strives to renew aircraft to more fuel-efficient aircraft, reduce the weight of airframe and loads, increase operational efficiency, and improve fuel costs through maintenance work group wide. Furthermore, JAL actively participates and cooperates in discussions in Japan and abroad on the development and dissemination of biojet fuels, regarded as a fundamental CO2 reduction measure, and development of supply chains.

* Cargo Neutral Growth 2020: A program to achieve growth, while cutting CO2 emissions from aircraft in and after 2020.

Concept of CNG2020 (source: IATA)