CSR What is Carbon Offsetting for the Prevention of Global Warming in which We can Participate?

Greenhouse gases are considered to be the cause of global warming. Of these, CO2 (carbon dioxide) is considered to have the most significant impact.
What should we do to reduce CO2 emissions and prevent global warming?
Let's consider a conversation between new employee A and more senior employee B.

In response to customers with a high degree of interest in protecting the environment and preventing global warming, we now offer "JAL Carbon Offsets" as a means of offsetting the CO2 emissions from flying on our aircraft.

JAL group offers the highest standards of quality - the same can be said of the selection of climate protection projects that it offers. Both selected projects are certified and one of them is already registered under the Gold Standard. The Gold Standard is an independently managed label, provided to honour superior climate protection project standards, and the emissions reduction certificates that are generated from them. The integrity of these projects, with regard to the environmental balance and sustainable development, is of the greatest importance.

You can participate in the "JAL Carbon Offset" program to prevent global warming by clicking on the "Calculate CO2" button.

Clicking this button will take you to the myclimate Japan website.

JAL group's climate protection projects

Carbon offset and other related services are provided by myclimate Japan. The contractual relationship related to carbon offsets is deemed to be between the customer using the service, and myclimate Japan. Therefore, any queries regarding the calculation of CO2, or payment procedures etc. should be addressed to myclimate Japan Co., Ltd.

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