CSR JAL Group's Basic CSR Policy

JAL Group's Basic CSR Policy

JAL Group, aims to connect the good society by future generations, as Japan's wing, through the air transport business, which is our core business, as well as meet the expectations of society, we will work to solve various social problems.

JAL Group Corporate Policy

JAL Group will pursue the happiness of both sides of all employees.
1, provide the best service to our customers.
1, enhance corporate value, and contribute to the advancement of society and development.

Bridging Japan
and the world


Safety and
Sense of

The Environment



Aside from

JAL Philosophy






1.We promote all our initiatives fully as a unified JAL Group.

Designating four key action areas as pillars,and pursuing cooperation with businesses when necessary, we promote our initiatives as a unified JAL Group.

2.We take advantage of the air transport business as our core buisiness.

We strive to solve social issues through the air transport business.

3.We seek to do what only the JAL Group can achieve.

Positioning the JAL Philosophy as the basis for awareness, values and ways of thinking shared by all JAL Group employees suporting all our efforts, we link the JAL philosophy to initiatives and value that are unique to JAL.

4.We contribute widely to society in our capacity a member of society.

As a member of society, we maintain a comprehensive awareness of social issues and strive constantly to solve them.

United Nations Global Compact

JAL Group has participated in from December 2004, the United Nations-sponsored "Global Compact".
The JAL Group, in all of our business activities, to support the ten principles of the "Global Compact", will continue to practice.

10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact

Promotion System of CSR activities

ISO26000 Inspect the Progress of Group CSR activities in reference to, effectively turning the PDCA cycle, in order to make efforts to improve and promote CSR activities, and top the Japan Airlines president "CSR Committee", deliberates examined every six months.

What's ISO26000