CSR Environmental Initiative
Cabin Shade Closed Exercise

The JAL Group is pursuing various initiatives to reduce environmental impacts and prevent global warming in order to pass this rich earth on to the next generation and they will always be able to see a beautiful earth from the sky.

Continuing from last year, the JAL Group has closed cabin shades of parked aircraft with cooperating passengers to keep temperatures from rising in the cabin.

* It is not mandatory under law to raise window shades at arrival or departure, excluding windows for cabin attendants to check outside conditions. We have secured an adequate monitoring system by maintenance and ground staff, etc. outside, so please rest assured that there are no problems with safety caused by the Shades Closed Exercise.

* If we are able to reduce the use of auxiliary engines for 10 minutes and switch to energy efficient ground electric power through the above initiatives, the following environmental effects can be expected.

Aircraft type Estimated CO2 reduction
(converted to cedar tress)
777 123kg-CO2(8.8trees)
767 82kg-CO2(5.9trees)
737-400 / 737-800 54kg-CO2(3.9trees)

(One cedar tree is calculated to absorb 14kg of CO2 in a year)

Thank you for your cooperation of our Sky Eco activities. The JAL Group will continuously strive to reduce impacts on the global environment with the cooperation of the customers.