CSR Activities

Values which only 
JAL can deliver

We conduct social contribution activities unique to the Group
through our core air transport business and actions aligned with the JAL Philosophy.

JAL Group's Basic CSR Policy

The JAL Group will engage in corporate social responsibility activities through its core air transport business as the 展ings of Japan to meet society痴 expectations and solve social issues to create a better society for the next generation.

   JAL Group Corporate Policy

The JAL Group will: Pursue the material and intellectual growth of all our employees; Deliver unparalleled service to customers; and Increase corporate value and contribute to the betterment of society.

1.Leverage the advantages of our core air transport business

Work to solve social issues through the air transport business, with top priority on ensuring flight safety.

2.Promote initiatives across the JAL Group

Implement Group-wide initiatives targeting three CSR issues, cooperating with Group businesses as necessary.

3.Make a broad contribution to society as a member of society

As a member of society, we will communicate the JAL Group痴 firm commitment to safety and its safety initiatives, while working to resolve a broad range of issues facing society.

4.Focus on JAL痴 unique strengths

Develop initiatives and create value that only JAL can deliver through efforts that embody the JAL Philosophy, the basis of shared awareness, values, and thinking of all Group employees.


JAL Group痴 Key CSR Issues

Ensuring flight safety is the Group's universal priority issue. Issues facing society are always changing due to developments in society and the environment. The JAL Group has therefore used ISO 26000 and SDGs to identify the Group's three key issues (materiality) Coexist with the Earth, Contribute to Communities, and Nurture Future Generations.

JAL Group Stance on Coexist with the Earth

Coexist with the Earth

The JAL Group views environmental protection as an important issue. We have developed guidelines highlighting areas that the Group needs to tackle and created related action plans. The JAL Group痴 approach to environmental issues is summed up in our Environmental Guidelines and concrete initiatives are translated into Action Plans.

Our Stance on Supporting Communities

Contribute to Communities

Our aviation business connects people and helps to spread Japanese culture around the world.
Through the JAL Group痴 core air transport business, we are harnessing our unique position and strengths as an airline to implement activities that contribute to society. Guided by the JAL Group Basic CSR Policy, our initiatives are designed to bring people together, revitalize regional economies, and support industry, as well as support communities worldwide.

JAL Group Stance on Nurture Future Generations

Nurturing Future Generation

As part of its CSR activities, the JAL Group is working to nurture future generations based on the theme of 澱right futures. To support those efforts, we launched JAL SORAIKU in November 2016 as a new educational program to give children a deeper connection with Japan and the world and the global environment.

UN Global Compact

The JAL Group participates in the Global Compact advocated by the United Nations, which supports 10 prinicples in the areas of human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption by participating companies worldwide.
The JAL Group will implement the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact in all its business activities through corporate activities to connect peoples, their cultures and their hearts closer together and contribute to world peace and prosperity.