CSR Activities

Values which only 
JAL can deliver

We conduct social contribution activities unique to the Group
through our core air transport business and actions aligned with the JAL Philosophy.

JAL Group's Basic CSR Policy

The JAL Group will engage in corporate social responsibility activities through its core air transport business as the "Wings of Japan" to meet society's expectations and solve social issues to create a better society for the next generation.

JAL Group Corporate Policy

Bridging Japan
the World


Safety and
Sense of

The Environment



Aside from

JAL Philosophy






1.We promote all our initiatives fully as a unified JAL Group.

Designating four key action areas as pillars,and pursuing cooperation with businesses when necessary, we promote our initiatives as a unified JAL Group.

2.We take advantage of the air transport business as our core buisiness.

We strive to solve social issues through the air transport business.

3.We seek to do what only the JAL Group can achieve.

Positioning the JAL Philosophy as the basis for awareness, values and ways of thinking shared by all JAL Group employees suporting all our efforts, we link the JAL philosophy to initiatives and value that are unique to JAL.

4.We contribute widely to society in our capacity a member of society.

As a member of society, we maintain a comprehensive awareness of social issues and strive constantly to solve them.


Guideline and Four key Areas of Activities

The JAL Group conducts CSR activities in a broad range of areas, while referring to ISO26000. We specifically focus on four areas, which we considered particularly important and closely related to the Group, in order to pass on a better society to the next generation.

Safety is the basis existence of JAL.
We will ensure peace of mind for society in every aspect.

Safety and Sense of Security

We have established a BCP (Business Continuity Plan) to respond to disasters in ways only possible by an airline, on the condition of maintaining safe operations. We promote a barrier free environment and Universal Design, plan tours for patients with food allergies, amongst others, to ensure a sense of security when traveling.

Aware of the impacts our business has on the environment, we innovate to pass on the earth's natural beauty to the next generation.

The Environment

We adopt various innovations to reduce impacts on nature by aircraft, which consume large amounts of fuel. We also conduct environmental activities specific to an airline, such as atmospheric observations by aircraft and forest fire reporting during flights.

We employ our function to "connect" for the betterment of society, as an important social infrastructure.

Bridging Japan and the World

The airline industry's function to "connect" is varied. In addition to its basic role of providing air transport services, it connects regions and people by maintaining and improving regional networks, revitalizing regional economies through tourism promotion, supporting the restoration of affected areas, etc, to contribute to the betterment of society.

Soaring the skies and connecting Japan and the world, we wish to help make children's dreams come true.

Nurturing Future Generation

We support children and their future full of dreams, as they will lead the next generation. To achieve this, we hold SORAIKU educational classes organized and conducted by staff, where we think together about the global environment and talk about jobs of airline staff, conduct factory tours and other programs to suit all age groups.

UN Global Compact

The JAL Group participates in the Global Compact advocated by the United Nations, which supports 10 prinicples in the areas of human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption by participating companies worldwide.
The JAL Group will implement the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact in all its business activities through corporate activities to connect peoples, their cultures and their hearts closer together and contribute to world peace and prosperity.