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Convenience in Mobility and Daily Life

Basic Concept

In order to contribute to communities as a social infrastructure, the JAL Group will tackle social issues and respond to changing customer needs and improve mobility and convenience in everyday life.
Combining our know-how, human skills and customer base with new technologies, we will develop products and services that make everyday life and life stages even better.
To achieve this, we will introduce a MaaS* platform that supports search and arrangement of transportation from airports. In air mobility, we will utilize our expertise in flight safety technology and operations control to achieve seamless transportation.

* Mobility as a Service. A new mobility concept of treating all transport modes as one service and providing seamless transportation.

JAL Group's vision of MaaS centered on aviation networks

Specific Initiatives

Introduction of autonomous personal driving electric vehicles at Haneda Airport

The JAL Group has introduced the world's first autonomous personal driving electric vehicles as a personal mobility service at Haneda Airport. The service, one of the new JAL SMART AIRPORT services, provides safe, comfortable and seamless mobility to all airport users.

WHILL autonomous personal driving electric vehicles introduced at Haneda Airport

Aiming toward flying cars for air mobility

The environmentally friendly electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL)* 'flying car,' which has been in the spotlight in recent years, is anticipated to provide air mobility solutions with its ability to land and take off without a runway and travel short and medium-length distances inexpensively and easily. The JAL Group has partnered with Sumitomo Corp. and Bell Textron Inc. and has begun studies into providing services using the eVTOL developed by Bell. We are moving into the future with the construction of a next-generation air mobility operations platform with a flying car, building on our expertise in safe and secure air transit operations.

* Small aircraft with multiple propellers.

The much-anticipated Bell eVTOL flying car

Toward the Future

We are innovating with medium- and long-term strategies to improve the convenience of mobility. In 2020, in light of COVID-19, we are moving forward with drone logistics demonstration tests and environmental surveys for flying cars as we aim toward providing MaaS and next-generation air mobility services. By providing comprehensive air mobility services offering seamless movement and transport, the JAL Group is shortening distances between people, goods and activities around the world and contributing to the realization of a sustainable society.

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