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Regional Revitalization

Basic Concept

JAL Group’s business activities are supported by exchanges of people and goods between regions and coexist with those regions. However, these regions face numerous problems, such as depopulation due to a shrinking population, aging population, falling birthrate, and concentration of population in the Tokyo area. Furthermore, our lifestyles and work styles are diversifying due to changes in the social environment. This is why we are striving to use our business activities to solve problems faced by regional communities driven by our policy to pay attention to the needs of regions, think and work collaboratively, and build the future of regions to contribute to the development of a sustainable society. Specifically, recognizing that connecting regions with the world is a contribution unique to JAL, we are energizing regions by enhancing regional attractiveness and value, and helping expand consumption through the circulation and transportation of people and goods, domestically and internationally. Among these activities are measures aimed at bringing foreign visitors to regions. Even though the economic benefits produced by inbound visitors has been tremendous, there are still many regions that have problems in increasing the duration of stay or attracting repeaters. We are taking steps to realize sustainable regional growth backed by the increase of foreign visitors and energize regional economics to bring smiles to residents, such as increasing repeaters by creating added-value and developing environments to welcome visitors. We believe that one of the most important aspects of regional revitalization measures is their continuity. We do not implement short-term measures, but instead continuously carry on measures from a medium- and long-term perspective.



The JAL FURUSATO PROJECT launched in 2021, a renewal of the NEW JAPAN PROJECT launched in 2015 and an expansion of regional revitalization activities, uses the expertise and networks developed by the JAL Group to promote flows of goods and people to regions through tourism promotion and regional industry support. Furthermore, we are working to meet the diverse needs of regional communities as their lifestyles and work styles change, and our aim is to realize a sustainable society and create new demand for air travel. We will bring energy to regions and their residents by discovering and creating hidden regional resources, commercializing them, selling them, and supporting the overseas export of fresh Japanese foodstuffs. Through this, we hope to connect regions, people, and goods.

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Contribute to SDGs


Exchanging population expansion support

To increase the nonresident population, we provide support for the creation and promotion of unique regional content, formulation of inbound strategies, and development of tourism infrastructure.

<An example of activities>
As environmental support for welcoming foreign visitors to Japan, JAL foreign employees based overseas are sent to regions specified by Japanese local governments to conduct an undercover survey. They observe multilingual communication, support and services of tourism facilities from a tourist’s perspective and provide feedback on underlying issues and new tourism attractiveness discovered in the survey. Launched in 2018, staff from various countries, including India, Thailand, Vietnam, France and Australia, have visited Japan on a rotating basis and conducted a survey in 24 regions from the perspective of tourists from their own home country(as of the end of 2019). We have received feedback from the surveyed regions that our feedback was helpful in improving their tourism activities.

Regional industry support

We will support regions in increasing the value of regional specialties, developing products, expanding sales channels, conducting promotions, and energizing local industries.

<An example of activities>
We support the sixth industrialization* of "Sanuki San Fruit," a regional brand of high-quality fruit produced and certified by Kagawa Prefecture, and “Kazuno Hokugen-no-Momo,” rare delicious peaches from Kazuno City, Akita Prefecture, by helping raise awareness of excellent but lesser known regional products and enhancing the brand’s image.

*Combining secondary industry and tertiary industry with primary industry to produce synergies (1+2+3=6)

Promotion of lesser known regions

In our promotion of lesser-known regions, which we began in May 2011, we discover the allure of individual areas, serve food from those areas in inflight meals, and promote regions through various JAL Group media each month.


We collaborate with other companies and organizations with the same drive to revitalize regions to hold events, create travel products, expand sales channels for regional specialties, and revitalize regions.

A ninja trail running race held as part of the “Shinobi-no Sato Iga” ninja theme village project conducted collaboratively by Iga City, Mie Prefecture, Mie University, and other entities.

Overseas expansion support

We support the overseas export of fresh Japanese foodstuffs that Japan is proud of and the development of overseas sales channels.

<An example of activities>
We held a Kyushu Food Fair at the Thonglor Nihon Ichiba”, a Japanese fresh food wholesale market in Bangkok, Thailand. Food tasting, fish cutting shows, and tourism promotion were also conducted at the market.

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