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Human Resources Portfolio

Basic Concept

In order to realize business model reform, we will acquire, nurture, assign and treat personnel with diverse knowledge and experience to support new business areas and personnel with high expertise in the aviation field to support existing business areas. We will expand the recruitment of experienced personnel, expand the scope of areas and positions covered by the performance-based remuneration system, and introduce a personnel wage system that applies to highly specialized personnel essential for safe operation, thereby placing personnel in optimal positions and build a new human resources portfolio for the JAL Group.

Recruitment of employees with external experience

Many experienced employees are active in areas where high knowledge is required, such as business creation and digital promotion, and are working to create new value by utilizing diverse external knowledge. Many of such employees are promoted to the management level, are involved in important decisions at the company. In order to further promote value creation by utilizing internal and external knowledge, we will further promote the promotion of employees who are hired with experience by making fair and impartial appointments based on personnel. In our recruitment activities, which resumed in February 2022, we are also recruiting the so-called "second new graduates" with work experience, and are striving to hire employees with a diverse range of knowledge and experience. In addition, we also conduct alumni recruitment* for recruitment of experienced employees.

*A recruitment method to rehire retirees of the company's own employees.

Assignment of human resources to growing business areas

The JAL Group aims to expand growing business areas such as LCC and Mileage and establish a personnel system to diversify and maximize business income and expenditure. In FY2025, we will increase the number of personnel allocated to growing business areas by +3,500 employees (compared to FY2019) through the transfer of personnel from existing areas, mainly FSC, to growing business areas and the recruitment of personnel with diverse knowledge and experience.

Performance-based remuneration system

Since the JAL Group expects high results from Group companies that are primarily responsible for business model reform, we introduced a performance-based remuneration system in FY2022 for the positions of Presidents in some Group companies. This will encourage new value creation, such as business expansion in newbusiness areas and diversification of revenue sources.
In FY2023, the system will be expanded to other Group companies and other positions, not limited to the position of the President, in an effort to realize business model reform.

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