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Disaster Restoration Assistance

Basic Concept

The JAL Group will support the reconstruction of areas affected by disasters to contribute to communities as a social infrastructure.
We will cooperate in providing air transport to maintain and restore transportation networks in the event of a disaster and providing other assistance for reconstruction.
To achieve this, we will secure air transport in the event of a disaster by operating temporary flights and maintaining a transport system for relief supplies and relief personnel in collaboration with the government, local governments, NGOs and NPOs. We will also work with local governments to promote industries and generate tourism demand.

Disaster Assistance System

The JAL Group operates non-scheduled flights and provides air transportation in times of disaster.
Furthermore, we have established a system to cooperate in the transport of relief supplies and disaster relief personnel in coordination with the central government, local public organizations, and the network of NGOs and NPOs such as the international humanitarian support organization JAPAN PLATFORM(JPF)and Social Emergency Management Alliance (SEMA).
Since FY2008, we have participated in meetings as member of the Disaster Relief Volunteer Activity Support Project Council (Support P), which was established by companies, the Council of Social Welfare, NPOs and the Central Committee Chest of Japan, with the aim to develop the environment for disaster volunteer activities.

Disaster Assistance System

Disaster Assistance Activities

Recovery Assistance

Transport of emergency relief supplies

We transport emergency relief supplies as air freight to affected areas on JAL Group-operated flights immediately after a disaster.
In case of disasters in Japan, we transport relief supplies as requested by AEON Co., Ltd. (AEON) under the MoU Concerning the Transport of Emergency Relief Supplies concluded with AEON in March 2016.

Free tickets for disaster relief personnel

We cooperate by providing free air transport for specific organizations and personnel to affected areas to conduct disaster relief operations.

Solatium and donations for affected areas

We make charitable contributions to local governments, NGOs, NPOs and other organizations.

Charity Miles

JAL Mileage Bank members are requested to contribute their miles and JAL will match the cash equivalent of the donated miles and donate the combined sum in cash to NGO,NPO and other organizations to help support people in affected areas.

Donations from JAL Group employees

Funds raised by JAL Group employees are donated to NGOs, NPOs and organizations that support affected areas.

Disaster Restoration Assistance

Attracting tourists to affected areas

We are making efforts to attract tourists to natural disaster areas by offering attractive domestic fares and special travel products to those areas.

Regional promotions in coordination with local governments

As part of our Tohoku Support Project, we support sales of local products at antenna shops in Tokyo of the six Tohoku prefectures. (1 day/year at each shop).
In addition, we invite antenna shops of the six Tohoku prefectures to JAL Head Office and hold a Tohoku exhibition fair once a year.

Disaster Restoration Support Training for JAL Group employees

In this training program, JAL Group employees visit affected areas, see the situation with their own eyes and listen to stories of local people affected by the disaster. In addition to these experiences, they contribute to local industries and local economic development by stay in that local accommodations and go shopping. Currently, Disaster Restoration Support Training is conducted in Tohoku and Kumamoto. (up to 30 participants per training, held twice a year)

Past Disaster Recovery and Restoration Assistance


(past 10 years)
Date Disaster Donation Charity Miles (JMB miles) Employee Donations (JPY)
2021 Aug. Terrencial Rain Emergency Relief Supplies - -
2020 Jul. Terrencial Rain - 11,328,500 1,431,415
2019 Oct. Typhoon Hagibis (Typhoon 19) 5mnJPY 6,469,500 1,206,472
Sept. Typhoon Faxai (Typhoon 15) 5mnJPY 2,739,000 615,866
2018 Sept. 2018 Hokkaido Eastern Iburi Earthquake 5mnJPY 16,016,000 1,453,385
Jul. July 2018 Torrential Rain 5mnJPY 45,016,500 3,478,788
2017 Jul. 2017 Northern Kyushu Torrential Rain 5mnJPY 7,839,000 1,210,000
2016 Apr. 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake 5mnJPY 140,114,500 4,220,000
2015 Sept. Torrential Rain Damage due to Typhoon 18, etc. 2,607,000 -
2014 Aug. August 2014 Torrential Rain 4,782,000 1,331,046
2012 Jul. Northern Kyushu Torrential Rain - -
2011 Mar. Great East Japan Earthquake 155,625,000 18,000,000


(past 10 years)
Date Disaster Donation Charity Miles (JMB miles) Employee Donations (JPY)
2022 Jan. Tonga Volcanic Eruption and Tsunami - - 309,271
2019 Sep. Australia Bushfires 829,400JPY - 682,600
2018 Nov. Indonesia, Sulawesi Earthquake 760,000JPY 6,469,500 1,206,472
2015 Apr. Nepal Earthquake 2,739,000 615,866
2013 Nov. Philippines Typhoon 16,016,000 1,453,385
Jul. Northern India Floods 45,016,500 3,478,788
2012 Dec. Philippines Typhoon 7,839,000 1,210,000
Aug. Philippines Floods 140,114,500 4,220,000
Jan. Haiti Earthquake 2,607,000 -
2011 Nov. Thailand Floods 4,782,000 1,331,046
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