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Promotion of Inbound Tourism

Basic Concept

To contribute to communities as a social infrastructure, the JAL Group is working to build a future, where the government's target of 60 million international visitors in 2030 travel to rural areas. We will also contribute to regional revitalization by attracting inbound demand to regional areas across Japan.
We will provide air route networks and create and communicate regional attractiveness.
To achieve this, we will use route networks and sales networks that connect Japan with the world, which we have established with our partners, as well as JAL Group's regional airlines that provide community-based services. We will continue to provide travel products and fares that are easy to use for visitors to Japan. We also assist overseas airlines entering the Japanese market with consigned services.

Support for airlines operating to Japan and creation of new flow of people

In November 2019, we established the Ground Handling Strategy Department under the Airports Division, which will make maximum use of the JAL Group's network and know-how to ensure support for foreign airlines boarding at all domestic airports, including regional airports, and contribute to the expansion of inbound tourism.

With demand expected to recover and expand, the Ground Handling Strategy Department will work to create new human and logistical flows by attracting foreign airlines to various regions of Japan in addition to the Tokyo metropolitan area and Kansai region. To this end, we will work in cooperation with local governments and local companies such as consignee companies that are seeking to attract inbound travel, and while working to resolve issues, we will communicate the attractiveness of the region to foreign airline companies.

In fiscal 2025, the JAL Group aims to be entrusted with 128,000 flights at the approximately 30 airports in its nationwide network, of which 1,200 flights will be made by attracting foreign airline companies.

Promotion of Foreign Visitors to Japan

The JAL Group is also contributing to the government's target of 60 million foreign visitors to Japan by 2030.In addition to providing a website for purchasing airline tickets in 15 languages, the JAL Group is communicating the attractions of various regions of Japan to foreign visitors through its "Guide to Japan" website, which provides information for foreign visitors to Japan. We are also developing dynamic packages that allow customers to purchase airline tickets, accommodation, and options such as activities at the destination. We will continue to create an environment that encourages customers from all over the world to visit Japan.

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