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Noise Reduction

Basic Concept

The JAL Group is taking active steps to reduce noise near airports.
Specifically, we are committed to “reduction of noise at source” and “noise abatement operational procedures” which are principal elements of the Balanced Approach, adopted by the International Civil Aviation Organization(ICAO), that airlines should follow. The ratio of ICAO Chapter 4 standard compliant aircraft is 100%, and the ratio of ICAO Chapter 14 standard compliant aircraft is 46%. As part of our noise abatement operational procedures, we follow noise abatement procedures at take off, and at Haneda Airport and Itami Airport in particular, which are close to residential areas, we operate under even tighter procedures.
During landing, we operate with reduced flap, delayed flap and idle reverse and other noise abatement procedures. At Helsinki Airport and Kagoshima Airport, we also follow continuous descent operations (CDO), which dramatically reduce noise and CO2 emissions.

the ratio of ICAO standard

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