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Improving Accessibility

Basic Concept

The JAL Group strives to improve accessibility for customers who feel barriers to traveling in order to provide every customer with an enjoyable and enriching travel experience. In addition, we have established a service policy to ensure that every customer can use our aircraft with peace of mind.

Our Approaches

People with Disabilities

The JAL Group strives to improve its airport and inflight support systems to provide passenger comfort and peace of mind to people with disabilities.
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JAL Wooden Wheelchairs

JAL has distributed wooden wheelchairs that use no metal parts and can pass through metal detectors at security checkpoints to all airports in Japan. These wheelchairs were co‐developed with medical equipment manufacturer Kyowa Corporation. Wide-type wooden wheelchairs are also being distributed to meet diverse customer needs at the airport.

Well-designed and functional JAL wooden wheelchair

Aircraft Stretchers and Boarding Slopes for Outlying Islands

To meet medical needs on outlying islands, Japan Air Commuter (JAC) operates aircraft on which stretchers can be installed for passengers who need to lie down during all phases of a flight. The stretchers are used to transfer patients to a larger hospital outside the island when surgical operations and treatments are difficult in hospitals on the island. By installing the stretcher on scheduled flights, we can meet the need for speedy transportation.We have also developed boarding slopes for small aircraft for passengers using a wheelchair.

Aircraft installed with a stretcher

Wheelchair boarding slope for small aircraft

Membership in International Initiative “The Valuable 500”

In January 2019, JAL officially joined The Valuable 500, an international initiative aimed at promoting disability inclusion in business which was advocated at the World Economic Forum (Davos Conference).

With Caroline Casey, who advocated for The Valuable 500.

JAL Group's commitments are as follows

Approaches for Children

We provide various services to ensure that children enjoy a safe and comfortable journey.

When Children Traveling Alone Use Aircraft

We take extra care of your children when they need to travel alone to provide you with peace of mind.
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Allergen-Free Child Meals

In addition to allergen-free meals served on international flights, we offer allergen-free child meals so that children who have food allergies can enjoy their meal. Except for salads and fruit, all meals are the prepared in a special kitchen for allergies.
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Allergen-free Meal Tour

As we would like every customer to experience the joy in traveling including meals that can be enjoyed with peace of mind, we conduct tours with all meals allergen-free so that customers with food allergies can travel without worry. In addition to inflight meals, we coordinate with accommodation facilities to create an environment where the whole family can enjoy the same meals stress free during their stay.

Approaches for Elderly People

We provide various services for elderly people who are worried about using aircraft to provide a travel experience with peace of mind.

Use of Aircraft

We also provide special assistance to meet the needs of elderly people, such as arranging wheelchairs, offering priority boarding and assisting them to the lobby after arrival.
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Nursing Care Preventive Tour

As we would like elderly people who have given up traveling due to physical deterioration with age to travel again, we conducted a nursing care preventive tour to assist elderly people who are making efforts to avoid reliance on nursing care and created a special travel environment to enable even those who are authorized as in need of moderate nursing care to travel.

People with Dementia

To assist people with dementia, which has become a social issue due to the declining birthrate and aging population in Japan, we are improving our knowledge and raising awareness through in-house accessibility education.

Approaches for Overseas Customers

As the number of overseas customers has increased, we are conducting various activities to provide services to meet their needs and preferences, while valuing services unique to a Japanese airline such as Japanese-style hospitality and Japanese culture.

Multilingual Websites

The JAL Group has websites in 26 regions around the world used by customers around the world. Webpages such as flight reservation & purchase, Web check-in, inflight service information can be accessed on overseas JAL websites in 14 languages in addition to Japanese and English.

JAL webpage (Thai)

Improvement of Information Services at the Airport

We aim to provide user-friendly airport facilities for every customer through our JAL Smart Airport project. We are installing signage (electronic signboards) and using pictograms (visual symbols) to provide easy-to-understand information for overseas customers in line with layout changes at major airports in Japan *.
* Major airports in Japan: Haneda Airport, Sapporo (New Chitose) Airport, Osaka (Itami) Airport, Fukuoka Airport, Okinawa (Naha)

Diversity-oriented Inflight Service

We have improved our inflight service to meet the diverse language needs and preferences of overseas customers. For example, we obtained Halal certification of Muslim meals from JIT (Religious Corporation Japan Islamic Culture Center) and separate all tableware used for Muslim meals from other meals to ensure that Muslim passengers can enjoy their meal with peace of mind. We are also improving our inflight entertainment to meet diverse needs such as providing subtitles for movies in more languages

JIT Halal certified Muslim meal

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