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Basic Concept

The JAL Group aims to create a society where everyone can enjoy an enriched life through travel, and is working to improve accessibility to provide unparalleled service to all our customers.
We have established the JAL Group Accessibility Service PolicyThis page will open in a new window to build a society where everyone can enjoy a fulfilling life through travel free of barriers related to aviation and at travel destinations.
To achieve this, we are promoting the “barrier-free mindset” of all employees to be more attentive to each customer so that everyone including people with disabilities who experience mobility barriers can enjoy travel more freely and easily anytime. We will also develop a seamless, safe and secure mobility environment by deepening partnerships with various parties.


The JAL Group is working to further improve support systems at airports and onboard the aircraft so that customers with disabilities can fly safely and comfortably.
Please see "Information for customers who request special assistanceThis page will open in a new window" for details.

Employee education

In-house qualification system of accessibility (cabin attendants)

To further improve in-flight accessibility for passengers who experience mobility barriers, we are developing an in-house qualification system for cabin attendants.

Employee training through "Asu-challe!" program

Using the program of "Asu-challe!" JAL is sponsoring, we provide in-house training to enhance "empathy" through communication with para athlete lecturers such as the Asu-challe! Academy.

*Asu-challe! is a Japanese organization providing educations and trainings by para athletes. (Asu-challe is a Japanese coined word meaning "challenge (challe) for tomorrow (asu)")

Environmental improvement

In-flight Service Guide with Braille, enlarged characters and voice code

To help visually impaired passengers learn about our in-flight services "whenever they want", we have prepared a booklet with Braille, enlarged characters and voice codes.
*Service is not available in some routes.

Inflight Entertainment

JAL provides some programs with audio description and closed captions.
(*Available on selected routes)

In addition, some aircrafts are equipped with visual support such as screen magnification and color correction, etc., allowing passengers with visual support to have environments to enjoy inflight entertainment. (From January 2024)
Please note that visual support is available on the following aircraft: Airbus A350-1000


JAL SMART AIRPORT is being developed at key Japanese domestic airports* to improve convenience and create new value for all customers, including the establishment of SPECIAL ASSISTANCE counters for customers who need special assistance when boarding flights.

*Sapporo (New Chitose), Tokyo (Haneda), Osaka (Itami), Fukuoka, Okinawa airports

Information transmission

JAL Airport experience program

We offer free airport experience programs that allows customers to check the boarding process in advance, with the aim of alleviating the anxiety of air travelers who feel barriers in terms of transportation.
*The program is offered online about twice a year (as of September 30, 2022).

OnTrip JAL

JAL staff with extensive knowledge of travel, provide direct recommendations and information on domestic and overseas sightseeing, carefully selected from JAL's unique perspective.

See website hereThis page will open in a new window(Japanese only)

Accessible tourism

Accessible tour in Yamagata

A joint project was implemented to realize safe and comfortable air travel for customers with developmental disabilities by eliminating barriers throughout the entire journey, from advance preparation until familiarization with air travel.

3-4 day accessible Okinawa tour on a wheelchair

This was the first "personalized" accessible tour that not only allowed passengers to freely select itineraries and flights, but also to arrange barrier-free accommodations and marine activities.

Nursing care prevention tour

In order to encourage those who have given up on traveling due to age or physical decline to travel once again, we have created an environment that allows even those with mild nursing care certifications to travel, and have implemented a "nursing care prevention tour" to support elderly people who are engaged in preventing nursing care.

Cooperation with external organizations

Membership in International Initiative “The Valuable 500”

In January 2019, JAL officially joined The Valuable 500, an international initiative aimed at promoting disability inclusion in business which was advocated at the World Economic Forum (Davos Conference).

With Caroline Casey, who advocated for The Valuable 500.

JAL Group's commitments are as follows

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