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Disclosure policy

Medium Term Management Plan

Financial Information

The JAL Group is working to enhance the quality of information disclosure and build relationships of trust through two-way communication so that stakeholders can gain a deeper understanding of the latest developments. In recognition of this proactive information disclosure, the JAL Group was awarded first place in the transportation sector for the third time in the past four years as an "Excellent Disclosure Company" by The Securities Analysts Association of Japan.

In fiscal 2021, uncertainty remained about the recovery in demand, and we were forced to leave our full-year earnings forecast undecided. Despite these circumstances, we disclosed the "EBIT/EBITDA Turnaround Image," which visualizes the conditions for achieving profitability in an easy-to-understand manner so that investors and analysts can independently analyze the image of the timing of our return to profitability. The Company received the IR Good Visual Award sponsored by the Japan Investor Relations Association for the second consecutive year, in recognition of the fact that it responded to the concerns and needs of investors with creative illustrations.

Non-financial Information

Financial and Non-financial Information

The JAL Group publishes an annual integrated report, the JAL REPORT, to provide a broad range of stakeholders with a better understanding of how the Group pursues both economic and social value and achieves sustainable growth. JAL REPORT 2021, published in September 2021, received the Nikkei Integrated Reporting Award 2021, sponsored by Nikkei Inc.

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