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Strong Risk Management

Basic Stance and System

The JAL Group recognizes that trust from society is a management resource for an air transport operator, where safety is the basic foundation of business continuity. To protect and enhance our brand reputation, we conduct comprehensive risk management of our business activities to achieve stable management of the entire Group and promote activities to fulfill our corporate social responsibility.

  • We are establishing proactive measures (precaution and prevention), response measures (emergency measures) and recovery measures in risk management to proactively prevent risks and minimize damages from risks.
  • JAL Group companies which are not directly engaged in air transport are also incorporating risk management principles and coordinating within the Group, while bearing in mind to enhance the JAL Brand as a corporate group that bears the JAL brand name.
Risk categories
Operation risks Risks in aviation safety, aviation security and other issues related to air transportation
Corporate risks Other risks except Operation risks

Risk Management System

Group Risk Management Council

The Group Risk Management Council is headed by the President, and primarily comprises General Managers of divisions responsible for managing frontline departments.
The Council takes responsibility for overall risk management encompassing operational risks, corporate risks and strategic risks to stabilize Group-wide management activities. It also functions as a venue for reporting on progress, sharing information and making decisions on various matters such as establishment of JAL Group Basic Policies on Risk Management, regular risk assessments, and implementation of measures when risks eventuate.

Risk Management & Information Security Committee

Organized as a committee under the Group Risk Management Council, the Risk Management Committee is headed by the General Manager of General Affairs, and comprises leaders of relevant departments. Its role is to conduct administrative work in support of the Risk Management Council, including any preparations that will contribute to decision making and implementation of the decisions made.
The committee is also the organization responsible for the handling of personal information and information security.
The handling of personal information and information security are managed by a committee made up of the heads of relevant departments, which is led by General Manager of the General Affairs Section and the IT Planning Section. The committee continuously looks at ways to strengthen information management.

Financial Risk Committee

The Financial Risk Committee is chaired by the General Manager of Finance and Accounting and includes the President, Executive Vice President and leaders of relevant departments.
The Committee identifies financial risks appropriately and strives to facilitate improvements in corporate management. More specifically, it conducts regular simulations of financial conditions and checks the content. In the event of a major financial crisis, large-scale disasters or other major risk generating events that the Committee determines will have a serious, quantifiable impact on the JAL Group, it will calculate the estimated financial impact and deal with the risk jointly with the Risk Management Council, as necessary.

Group Operational Safety Promotion Committee

The Group Operational Safety Promotion Committee is headed by the President of Japan Airlines and comprises executive officers and presidents of Group airlines appointed by the Safety General Manager and Chairman.
The role of the Committee is to ensure safety for the Group as a whole and promote safety management by establishing key policies related to safety management, clarify the status of corporate activities and review organizations, systems and measures, as necessary.

Group Council for Safety Enhancement General Meeting

Organized as a committee under the Group Council for Safety Enhancement General Meeting, the Group Operational Safety Promotion Committee maintains and strengthens collaborative, safety-related measures among departments, divisions and Group airlines with the aim of enhancing the safety of Group air transportation operations as a whole. The Committee comprises the General Manager of Japan Airlines Corporate Safety & Security (who serves as Chairperson), leaders of departments responsible for Japan Airlines safety management administrator appointed by the Chairperson, and the Safety Manager or Safety Director of each Group airline.

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