CSR Biodiversity Policy of
the JAL Group

The JAL Group recognizes the benefits for humanity and the global environment of biodiversity, and we actively work to preserve biodiversity and to maintain sustainability.

  1. With the understanding that the transportation of exotic living species can represent a danger to ecosystems, we work to prevent unexpected transportation.
  2. For the purpose of protecting rare species etc., we provide transportation services based on the features of aircraft transport for public institutions etc. when they need to transport rare species.
  3. In regions in which we do business, we work hard to reduce our environmental impact, and to minimize any impact on the local ecosystem.
  4. With regard to goods that are received in the course of our business activities, we work to fully understand the processes by which external companies handle, manufacture, transport, dispose of, and turn these goods to waste, with a view to not having an adverse impact on the ecosystem.
  5. We promote the protection of ecosystems as part of our social activities.
  6. We also share with our customers and society as a whole the importance of biodiversity, in order to expand the circle of our protective activities.