CSR Recent Activities

The JAL Group is working on the "Sky Eco" initiative, promoting a variety of projects for the global environment through all of our business activities, in order to maintain harmony with the earth and to leave a rich environment for the next generation.
Here we will introduce some recent examples.

Flying the "JAL Eco Jet" and the "JAL Eco Jet Nature"

As a symbol of the JAL Group's "Sky Eco" Project, the "JAL Eco Jet" with a green painted tail has been flying on domestic routes since June 2008, and an additional aircraft has operated on international routes since August 2009.
In addition, the domestic route Eco Jet has had the logo marks for a variety of projects painted on its fuselage in September 2011, and was transformed into the new eco-design "JAL Eco Jet Nature".

Conducting "The Ultimate Eco Flight"

We were the first airline in Asia to conduct "The Ultimate Eco Flight", a demonstration flight incorporating all known measures to reduce environmental impact.

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Conducting "Biofuel Flight"

We conducted a demonstration flight using bio-fuel for the purpose of developing an environmentally-friendly alternative fuel. We were the first in the world to use the primary raw material "Camelina (Brassicaceae)" as a bio-fuel.

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