CSR Intragroup communication

JAL Group's business is founded not only on jobs directly related to the air transporation business, but also efforts put forth by colleagues engaged in various jobs. To aim for sound business growth, close communication between staff and between the company and staff is indispensable. We aim to increase corporate vitality for achieving sustainable growth. For example, Communication Leader Meeting (CLM), comprised of members of all ages and occupations from across Japan, is held regularly to discuss workplace problems and issues identified during the year and consider solutions. Rather than merely providing suggestions, each member works in the center of the vortex to consider measures and lead by example. In FY2015, CLM marks its ten year since its founding.
Since April of fiscal 2013, Orientation Training for new staff has been held jointly by JAL Group. Furthermore, many education and training courses are attended jointly by staff throughout JAL Group.
Through these activities and more, we are doing our best to vitalize horizontal and vertical communication within JAL Group and enhance safety and service.