CSR Eliminating antisocial parties

The JAL Group and its special interested parties, shareholders and business partners have no relationships with antisocial parties. We are operating a system to eliminate antisocial parties, which respects the basic principles of "Manual for Implementing Charter of Corporate Code" by Nippon Keidanren, "Guideline for Companies to Prevent Damage from Anti-Social Parties" (agreed at a meeting of cabinet ministers responsible for anti-crime measures on June 19, 2007) and related regulations. Our policies and standards are based on JAL Group Regulations for Dealing with Antisocial Parties, and are repeatedly disseminated to all employees at major meetings and staff education.
We disseminate our Manual to Break Ties with Antisocial Parties to all JAL Group companies and divisions, which is posted on the Intranet, and rigorously apply our policies to eliminate antisocial parties. To respond appropriately when approached by antisocial parties, the Intranet provides information on ways to deal with them. When starting new business deals, we screen the counterpart before signing a contract to verify that they are not antisocial parties. Contracts include a clause to eliminate antisocial parties such as boryokudan, and we continue screening our business partners even after the start of a business partnership.
The management and every staff of JAL Group recognize the importance of sustained efforts to eliminate antisocial parties through the above-mentioned measures.