About JAL Universal Design

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JAL Universal Design Becoming a Leader in Universal Design

  • Airports Ease of Use of Airports
  • Cabins Comfortable Cabins
  • Services Travel Assistance
  • Programs Education/History

What is Universal Design?

The concept of Universal Design is at the base of everything The Spirit of JAL Universal Design

  • Photo: Space (environment/space)
  • Photo: Hard (products/facilities)
  • Photo: Soft (information/systems)
  • Photo: Human (services/interaction)

As the word "Universal" suggests, Universal Design refers to "a design for all people".
This concept grew out of 7 principles advocated by American architect Ronald Mace in the 1980s.
From our mission as a public transport organization, JAL feels a deep connection with this concept, and it is a foundation for all of our business activities. We continue to develop products and services based on the concept of "hospitality", which will provide our customers with a safe and comfortable journey. Our goal is to achieve a kind of "universal design for the heart".

Introducing JAL Universal Design at Haneda Airport! Features of JAL Universal Design at Haneda Airport