About Airport Universal Design

Airport Universal Design

  • Introduction of Bamboo Wheelchairs which do not Trigger Metal Detectors

Easy to Understand Displays (Haneda Airport)

Based on comments from our customers and airport staff, signs at the terminal entrance and displays and signs throughout the terminal have been repaired. Universal Design has been considered in order to make it easier for as many customers as possible, using "easy to understand characters", "symbols that can be understood at a glance (pictograms)", and "color guides".

Photo: Description of Airport Sign Design

(1) Easy to understand characters

We have adopted large-size, easy-to-understand characters which are convenient for many people to understand.

(2) Symbols that can be understood at a glance

We created these based on JIS regulations, and tested them to ensure that the content of the signs can be remembered using symbols alone.

(3) Color Guides

By adding colors to conventional number-only displays, guides have become even more user friendly. Character colors are also based on universal design principles, with a color scheme that is convenient for many people to identify and remember.

Photo: Airport Signs

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Monitor Placement

Photo: Haneda Airport Domestic Terminal 1Haneda Airport Domestic Terminal 1

Many monitors have been installed at counters in Haneda Terminal 1.
We have established a system which allows us to quickly provide certainty in the event of delays or cancellations to flights.

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Support Counters for Customers Requiring Assistance

We have established Smile Support Counter for customers using "JAL Priority Guest Support" and "JAL Family Service" services, as well as customers that are pregnant or have small children.
Utilizing lower counters and chairs, as part of our Universal Design, our service officers and trained support staff can assist customers with all of their boarding procedures. We also have strollers and wheelchairs available for use within the airport.

Photo: Haneda Airport Domestic Terminal 1Haneda Airport Domestic Terminal 1

Photo: Narita International AirportNarita International Airport

Wheelchair Directions

Photo: Wheelchairs

In addition to the wheelchairs already in use within the Haneda Airport Terminal 1, we also offer comfortable wheelchairs that can take customers from the airport counter to their seat on board the aircraft, without having to change seats in between.

Boarding Gate to Cabin
We will assist customers out of their wheelchair at the entrance to the cabin, and guide them into the cabin.

Seating in the Cabin
Arms move up so that you can move across into your seat.

Photo: Introduction of Bamboo Wheelchairs which do not Trigger Metal Detectors

Introduction of Bamboo Wheelchairs which do not Trigger Metal Detectors

At Oita Aiport, Haneda Airport Terminal 1 , and Itami Airport, we have introduced the world's first "bamboo wheelchairs which do not trigger metal detectors". Because these wheelchairs do not contain metal, it is possible to pass through metal detectors at security check points and move right through to the boarding gate without a body check. (Please note that if you are wearing metal which triggers the metal detectors, body checks will still be necessary, as normal.)

  • January 2011 Oita Airport
  • February 2011 Haneda Airport
  • May 2011 Itami Airport

This was introduced at these three airports by contributions from professional baseball player Norihiro Akahoshi, and a fund which he established.

These bamboo wheelchairs were awarded the "2011 Good Design Award" by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion.


[Comments of Judges]
The materials and finish of the bamboo wheelchairs were rated highly, with a design that uses no metal parts, allowing the bamboo wheelchair to pass through all security checkpoints in the airport. If these can be placed in all airports throughout Japan, it is likely that costs will be reduced.

Deployment of Service Officers

Photo: Service Officer Badge

Photo: JAL Smile Support

Photo: Support Counter

In order to provide more reliable services for customers requiring assistance, JAL has placed 326*1 qualified "Support Officers" in all domestic airports (42 airports) in which JAL operates.

  • *1 As of October 1, 2010

Staff with Service Officer qualifications have become resident at Narita Airport Terminal 2. In addition to making counter displays larger and clearer, the height has been reduced to make it easier for people in wheelchairs, the elderly, and small children to see in order to read the procedures. In addition, the tabletops of counters have been set with glass so that customers can easily see their feet, and can easily see what is happening around them.

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Allowing Smooth Passage through Security Checkpoints (Haneda Airport)

At security checkpoints, inspection areas are made of clear glass to allow for a clear line of sight. In addition to being able to see what is happening in inspections, it is possible to see how long lines are when there are waits. Also, to ensure smooth passage through security checkpoints, explanatory panels have been installed in front of the inspection area to explain the inspection flow. Waiting times have been reduced by the ability to prepare in advance.

Photo: Security Checkpoints

Photo: Security Checkpoints

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Lounge Buttons in Multi-function Restrooms (Haneda Airport)

Photo: Buttons in Multi-function Restrooms

Efforts have been made in domestic and international lounges at Haneda Airport to use pictograms (images) to make displays clearer. Also, our multi-function restrooms have been set with the Good Design Award winning Nabco System switches. These switches utilize color schemes that can be distinguished by customers with low vision or color blindness, using blue LED which light up and blink for easy identification. Buttons have been enlarged for easier operation, and they utilize Braille.

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