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List of Executive Officers

as of June 17, 2021
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Title Name Assignments
President Yuji Akasaka
Yuji Akasaka
Chair of Management Committee, Chair of Group Safety Enhancement Committee, Chair of Corporate Brand Promotion Committee, Chair of JAL Philosophy Committee, Chair of Risk Management, Oversees Safety, Oversees JAL SDGs
Executive Vice
Shinichiro Shimizu
Shinichiro Shimizu
Aide to the President, Chair of Tokyo 2020 Olympic & Paralympic Committee, Chief Wellness Officer, Chair of JAL Wellness Promotion Committee
Senior Managing
Executive Officer
Hideki Kikuyama
Hideki Kikuyama
Senior Vice President - Finance & Accounting
Senior Managing
Executive Officer
Ryuzo Toyoshima
Ryuzo Toyoshima
Senior Vice President - Route Marketing
Managing Executive Officer Tadayuki Tsutsumi
Tadayuki Tsutsumi
Senior Vice President - Corporate Safety & Security, Family Assistance & Support
Managing Executive Officer Tadao Nishio
Tadao Nishio
Senior Vice President - Passenger Sales and Marketing, President of JAL Sales Co., Ltd.
Managing Executive Officer Hidetsugu Ueda
Hidetsugu Ueda
Senior Vice President - General Affairs, Chair of Sustainability Promotion Committee
Managing Executive Officer Tomohiro Nishihata
Tomohiro Nishihata
Senior Vice President – Digital Innovation
Managing Executive Officer Yoriyuki Kashiwagi
Yoriyuki Kashiwagi
Executive Secretariat, Strategic Corporate Relations, The Policy Management Center
Managing Executive Officer Yuji Saito
Yuji Saito
Senior Vice President - Corporate Planning, Senior Vice President - Corporate Control
Executive Officer Toshiki Oka
Toshiki Oka
Senior Vice President - IT Planning
Executive Officer Hoshiko Nakano
Hoshiko Nakano
Deputy Senior Vice President - Passenger Sales, Senior Vice President - Eastern Japan
Executive Officer Takahiro Abe
Takahiro Abe
Senior Vice President - Operations
Executive Officer Eri Abe
Eri Abe
Deputy Senior Vice President – Regional Vitalization
Executive Officer Kazuko Yashiki
Kazuko Yashiki
Senior Vice President – Tokyo Haneda Airport, President of JAL Sky Co., Ltd.
Executive Officer Hiroo Iwakoshi
Hiroo Iwakoshi
Senior Vice President - Cargo & Mail
Executive Officer Atsushi Maeda
Atsushi Maeda
Senior Vice President - Airport Operations
Executive Officer Yasuyuki Sato
Yasuyuki Sato
Senior Vice President – China Region
Executive Officer Shunsuke Honda
Shunsuke Honda
Senior Vice President - Regional Vitalization
Executive Officer Yukio Shishikura
Yukio Shishikura
President of J-AIR Co., Ltd.
Executive Officer Naohito Saeda
Naohito Saeda
Senior Vice President - Human Resources
Executive Officer Ryo Tamura
Ryo Tamura
Senior Vice President - Engineering & Maintenance, President of JAL Engineering Co., Ltd.
Executive Officer Noriyuki Aoki
Noriyuki Aoki
President of Japan Transocean Air Co., Ltd.
Oversees Okinawa Region
Executive Officer Kenichiro Ochi
Kenichiro Ochi
President of Japan Air Commuter Co., Ltd.
Executive Officer Mitsuko Tottori
Mitsuko Tottori
Senior Vice President - Cabin Attendants
Executive Officer Shingo Takei
Shingo Takei
Senior Vice President - Western Japan
Executive Officer Munekazu tachibana
Munekazu Tachibana
Senior Vice President - Flight Operations
Executive Officer Ross Leggett
Ross Leggett
Deputy Senior Vice President – Route Marketing, International Relations & Alliances
Executive Officer Yasushi Omori
Yasushi Omori
Senior Vice President – Mileage and Lifestyle Business
Executive Officer Keisuke Suzuki
Keisuke Suzuki
Senior Vice President – Customer Experience, Deputy Chair of Tokyo 2020 Olympic & Paralympic Committee
Executive Officer Tetsu Ohori
Tetsu Ohori
Deputy Senior Vice President – Human Resources / Education
Executive Officer Yukio Nakagawa
Yukio Nakagawa
Senior Vice President – Procurement
This table can be scrolled horizontally.
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