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Company Profile and Corporate Policy

To Become the World’s Most Preferred and Valued Airline

Japan Airlines was founded and developed in Japan. We will continue to connect Japan and the world as the “Wings of Japan” with gratitude and determination in our hearts.


JAL's Aims and Objectives (FY2017-2020 JAL Group Medium Term Management Plan)

  • Safety

    Realize "Zero Aircraft Accidents" and "Zero Serious Incidents"

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Achieve "Customer Satisfaction of the world’s Top level"

  • Financial Targets

    Achieve "10% or above operating profit margin" and "9% or above ROIC (Return on Invested Capital)"

JAL’s Businesses and Services

Air Transport Business

We conduct domestic and international air transport businesses (passengers, cargo) by 5 consolidated subsidiaries and one affiliated company.

Domestic Routes

International Routes

Other Businesses

We strive to increase JAL Group's corporate value by improving the customers' convenience through other businesses, too.

Sales of package tours

Credit card business

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