About Cabin Universal Design

Cabin Universal Design

Tableware UD Mugs/UD Chopsticks

Photo: UD Mugs (in use)

Photo: UD Mug (front)

UD Mugs

Repeatedly tested ease of use and stylishness. The diningware has a wide-handle design that follows the contours of the hand and allows for the even distribution of pressure; a length that is easy to hold for people with large hands; and a size that fits into the palm of the hand, allowing for a grip without necessarily needing to grip it with one's fingers.
The mugs are also created using high-quality materials that ensure safety and reliability.

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Cabin Seating International First Class/International Executive Class/Domestic Class J

International First Class Seating JAL SUITE


International first class seating was developed based on the concept of the "Sweet Room in the Sky".
Adopting a large shell into the design to ensure privacy and quality sleep, even long flights can be a comfortable experience.

Photo: Partitions have been installed, which allows for separation depending on use.

Partitions have been installed, which allows for separation depending on use.

Partitions with adjoining seats can be moved up and down. The partition can be raised for privacy in order to spend time alone, or can be lowered to allow conversation and relaxation in a number of different ways with travel companions.

Photo: Multiple Seating Positions Seat Controller

Multiple Seating Positions
Seat Controller

After careful consideration of postures when sitting in seats or when the seat is reclined, a controller has been developed to allow for any seat position that you desire. The controller has also been developed with consideration for making it easy to see.

Photo: Quality and Safety

Quality and Safety

The overall design makes extensive use of curves to protect the body, and other UD points such as lighting in the foot area to create a functional and quality feel.

International Executive Class Seat JAL SHELL FLAT NEO


These International Executive Class Seats were developed based on the concept of "natural relaxation".
These designs that focused on "relaxation" were awarded the Good Design Award in 2009.

Photo: Verified Comfortable Seating

Verified Comfortable Seating

Over 15 hours of seat testing has been undertaken to ensure that the seats are comfortable enough for sleeping and eating even on long flights.

Photo: Seat Controller Design

Seat Controller Design

In addition to the main controller which is designed for use when seated, there is also a sub controller within reach when the chair is in the bed position.

Photo: Comfortable Space

Comfortable Space

A lot of space has been secured in the back of the seat for leg room, along with space for the person behind to stretch their legs.

Photo: Easy Grip Back Design

Easy Grip Back Design

The top of seats are indented to make them easy to grip.
This makes it easier to walk safely through the cabin during flights.

Photo: Seat Steps

Seat Steps

Steps are included below the seats to make it easier for customers to easily stow their luggage in the dashboard above.

Domestic Class J Seats

Photo: Domestic Class J Seats

Class J

Domestic Class J Seating was developed based on the concept of "quality relaxation which is easy to enjoy". It was intricately designed so that as many people as possible are able to relax.
It was awarded the Good Design Award in 2004.

Lumbar friendly "Cradle Structure"

Lumbar friendly "Cradle Structure"

Tilting the backrest, the seat becomes like a cradle, which can slide forward like a rocking motion. The adoption of ergonomic "pelvic support" reduces the pressure on the lumbar. This is also a comfortable seat for those who suffer from back pain during pregnancy.

Photo: The seat supports the weight of the entire body without trouble, reducing the pressure on the waist.

Photo: Headrests Adjustable to Individual Preferences

Headrests Adjustable to Individual Preferences

The headrest can be adjusted without steps, allowing for comfortable head support regardless of the passenger's physique. Also, by pulling the two ends, the head is firmly held in place, providing comfort and no shaking around while sleeping.

Photo: Adjustable, Stepless Leg Rests

Adjustable, Stepless Leg Rests

The leg rests, which are effective in reducing edema in the legs, have been equipped with a stepless adjustment. Together with the reclining seat, you can rest your body at the angle that best fits you.

Photo: Jacket hooks and holders provide space

Jacket hooks and holders provide space

Space is maintained even when the front seat is reclining, with the hook and holder for jackets.

Photo: The hook and holder keep the jacket from touching the seat behind.

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In-flight Meals, Special International Meals

At JAL, we have a variety of special meals available for customers with particular health care needs or religious requests.
We also have meals for babies and small children, so please feel free to ask for them.

Health-Conscious Meals

Photo: In-house meals that do not use 25 allergensIn-house meals that do not use 25 allergens

Non-allergenic Meals

On international routes that provide in-flight meals, some customers have food allergies. In addition to meals that do not use the 7 food items that are required by law to be disclosed, we also have meals that do not include any of the 25 food items that are recommended to be disclosed, so many customers can be at ease when they eat.

Diabetic Diet

Meals for diabetic customers.

Other Health Foods

Low Calorie Meals / Low Salt Meals / Low Gluten Meals / Easily Digestible Meals / Low-Lactose Meals / Seafood Meals / Fruit only Meals

Low Cholesterol/Low Fat Meals

Meals for customers with limited fat or cholesterol diets, which are high in fiber and made up of a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Child-friendly Meals

Photo: Baby meals

Baby meals

Baby food for infants from 0 to 8 months of age.
(Flights departing Japan support the 7 food item allergens. Flights departing overseas do not have support for these allergens.)

Photo: Infant Meals

Infant Meals

Meals for infants from 2 to 9 months of age.

Photo: Child Meals

Child Meals

Meals for children from 2 to 12 years of age.

Vegetarian Meals

Vegetarian Meals (Raw Vegetables)

Menu mainly with raw vegetables.

Vegetarian Meals
(Meals with no eggs or dairy products)

Meals for strict vegetarian customers which not only use no meat, but also no eggs or dairy products such as butter etc.

Jain Meals (Vegetarian)

Meals for customers requiring Oriental vegetarian food.

Vegetarian Meals
(Meals that contain eggs and dairy products)

Meals for vegetarian customers that do not eat fish or meat.

Vegetarian Hindu Meals (Asian style)

Meals that use spices for customers that do not eat meat, animal products, fish, poultry, lard, gelatin or eggs for religious reasons.

Religion-friendly Meals

Hindu Meals

Meals that do not contain beef.

Jewish Meals

Meals that are made kosher and sealed.

Muslim Meals

Muslim meals that we provide meet the guidelines of the IATA (International Air Transport Association).

[Prohibited Items]
Products using pig / Gelatin / Alcohol / Flavoring extracted from alcohol / Seafood meat from marine life with no scales

We will also accept requests for health reasons for liquid meals, pre-cut meals, meals without sugar or pepper, or meals without solids for after surgery etc.

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