About Universal Design related Services

Universal Design related Services

Smile Support

Domestic, Free

We offer a variety of assistance for pregnant women, customers with children, the elderly, or those who require wheelchairs etc., to make travel comfortable for as many customers as possible.

Photo: Haneda Airport Smile Support Counter

Haneda Airport Smile Support Counter

You can perform your boarding procedures at the special counter, designed with Universal Design considerations.

Photo: Smile Support Brochure

Smile Support Brochure

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Priority Guest Support

Domestic, International, Charged for some services

We will assist you on your journey, including providing oxygen bottles, emergency medical transportation, and advanced medical transportation.

  • * The JAL Group refers to customers with reduced mobility or who are sick or injured as "Priority (Preferred) Guests", and offer a variety of services for them.

Photo: Priority Guest Support Brochure

Priority Guest Support Brochure

Photo: Medical oxygen bottles, stretchers (cots)

Reservations for Medical oxygen bottles, stretchers (cots) also available.

Medical Flights

Special medical flights for heart or lung transplant surgery require specialized knowledge and prior arrangement of the installation of medical equipment, the provision of power from the aircraft for medical equipment, and related technologies, as well as information about the destination and immigration etc.
JAL has conducted more than 60 flights, including infants, to transport patients from Japanese hospitals to overseas hospitals for heart or lung transplant surgery.

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Useful services and information

Traveling with babies, children or other family members

Babies and children

International, Free

Overseas Family

International, Free

  • (Opens a new window)JAL Family Service
    JAL provides a detailed range of unique services for people that are visiting their families from overseas postings or appointments. We offer a dedicated lounge, as well as support for children travelling alone.

Light Trips

Domestic, Charged

JAL empty-hand service
We will pick up your baggage from your home, and deliver it to your final destination. We will also deliver your baggage on your return, so that you can enjoy a light, empty-handed trip.

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