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JAL Group Businesses and Services

The JAL Group conducts numerous operations centering on the air transport business.

Air Transport Business

We conduct domestic and international air transport businesses (passengers, cargo) by 15 consolidated subsidiaries and one affiliated company.

Affiliated businesses

Japan Airlines / Japan Transocean Air / Japan Air Commuter / J-AIR / Hokkaido Air System / Ryuku Air Commuter

Graph showing FY2019 sales ratio by business
Graph showing FY2019 sales ratio by business 71.2%( International Routes:35.7% Domestic Routes:35.5%)

Domestic Routes

We are progressively introducing JAL SKY NEXT, pursuing smart and simple services, offering in-flight internet service, amongst others, to increase the customers' convenience. We also connect remote islands and regional cities as a means of transport and conduct promotions to revitalize regional industries and contribute to Japan's regional revitalization strategy.

Number of routes


International Routes

We are expanding our route network to improve connectivity between Japan and the world in partnership with the oneworld alliance members. We aim to make the passenger experience as convenient and comfortable as possible by operating the routes with JAL SKY SUITE which offers excellent, high quality, full service.

Number of routes


Main businesses and services in air transportation business

Airport passenger service

Check-in procedures and information for passengers, operational support from the ground, load control, etc.

Ground handling

Airport ground services, such as baggage and cargo loading, marshalling, cabin cleaning and aircraft cleaning


Maintenance service for aircraft, engines and aircraft parts, management of parts, painting to keep aircraft beautiful


International cargo and mail handling, management of warehouse (cargo handling facility)

Airport peripheral businesses

Production of in-flight meals, convenience services such as baggage delivery and smartphone rental services

Passenger sales

Planning and sales of domestic/overseas travel using air transport services, ticket sales, reservations, information and inquiries by phone

We pursue initiatives to provide the finest service quality in the air transportation business as regards on-time operations, comfort and convenience, while giving top priority to safety.

Other Businesses

We strive to increase JAL Group's corporate value by improving the customers' convenience through other businesses, too.

Other Businesses:Graph showing FY2019 sales ratio by business 28.8%(Other Businesses:28.8% Air Transport Business:78.2%)

Sales of package tours

Planning, sales, operation of tours

Credit card business

General credit card business of earning miles by flying and shopping


Tourist farm, Farm restaurant management, Private brand product development

Business jet

Charter Flights, Ground Handling, Owner Aircraft Management

Drone operator training

Supporting all operators' training and testing who are associated with drones

JAL Innovation LAB

"JAL Innovation Lab" is an activity base for "open innovation" that creates new added value and business by utilizing internal and external knowledge.

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