ABOUT Procurement information

The JAL Group centralized procurement transactions in the JAL Purchasing Division in August 2010.
Our main aims of centralized procurement transactions are;

  1. To reduce procurement costs through centralized purchasing
  2. To standardize and increase efficiency of the procurement process
  3. To build a fair, honest and impartial procurement system

External procurement support services are used for certain procurement transactions to increase efficiency.

With our business partners

We maintain the awareness that aircraft operations, services and products provided to customers each day are made possible through the cooperation and support of our business partners. In addition to fair, honest and impartial procurement transactions, we interact with them with gratitude in order to establish good partnerships based on trustful relationships.

  1. Fair, honest and impartial procurement transactions. We base our selection of business partners on comprehensive appraisal of credibility and approaches to corporate social responsibility (CSR), such as quality, prices and delivery of services and products they provide. We provide wide-ranging opportunities to any business entity in Japan or overseas and conduct procurement transactions that are fair, honest, and impartial.
  2. To provide safe and reliable services to customers. To ensure peace of mind to customers when they board our flights, we are cultivating a culture with our business partners to put top priority on safety and conduct rigorous quality to offer the finest hospitality.
  3. Procurement transactions with proper consideration for corporate social responsibility (CSR) In accordance with the Basic CSR Policy of the JAL Group, we conduct procurement transactions with our business partners with proper consideration for CSR, such as approaches to compliance, global environment protection, respect of human rights, appropriate labor practices, fair business practices, and consumer issues.

With our business partners.
We promote fair, honest and impartial procurement transactions with considerations for CSR.

JAL Group Supplier Code of Conduct

JAL Group Supplier Code of Conduct was set up in 2016 April, which sets forth our expectations for all suppliers in 4 key areas of human rights,health and safety, business management and enviroment.
Therefore, we require all of our suppliers to understand and comply with JAL Group Supplier Code of Conduct.