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JAL Universal Design

Photo: Attention to Quality

Value Provided by JAL

We believe that providing safe and secure functional value to our customers is at the foundation of our services.
However, this alone does not constitute the "Attention to Quality" that we aim for. We believe that providing psychological value in the form of excitement from the perspective of the customer is also important.
In order to further enhance our "Attention to Quality", we have added three more principles to the 7 Principles of Universal Design, to form the 10 Principles of JAL Universal Design. In order to achieve a "JAL that is friendly to everyone", we will continue to provide our customers with the JAL beauty, quality, security and comfort.

Photo: Value Provided by JAL

The 10 Principles of JAL Universal Design

Photo: The 10 Principles of JAL Universal Design (Services)

Photo: The 10 Principles of JAL Universal Design (Facilities)

Photo: The 10 Principles of JAL Universal Design (Space)

Based on the "10 Principles of JAL Universal Design", JAL has worked hard towards the application of Universal Design. This is applied not only to the creation of products, but is also widely applied to communication with customers and in establishing a comfortable working environment for our staff.
JAL continues to represent the spirit of hospitality through the 3 principles of Universal Design which are applied to all spaces, facilities, products and services.

The 7 Principles of Universal Design

Principle 1: Can be used equally by anyone Has consideration been given to the various types of physical and mental conditions of people that may use it?
Principle 2: Can be used in various ways Can it be used in your own way, at your own pace? Has it been created to be used in various environments including dark or noisy environments?
Principle 3: Easy to understand Has it been created simply so that the meaning and method of use are immediately apparent?
Principle 4: Easily recognizable information Are there more than one means of dissemination? Is the information to be conveyed organized simply?
Principle 5: Attentive detail toward failures Are dangers clear? Has it been created in a way where it will prevent accidents if used incorrectly, and can be returned to its normal state?
Principle 6: Low physical burden Can it be used comfortably and effortlessly by people with various physiques?
Principle 7: Easy to use size and breadth Is it of a size and breadth that can be used comfortably by people with various physiques?

The Three Principles of JAL Universal Design

Principle 1: High quality and beautiful Have materials and functions been utilized to make it functional and beautiful?
Principle 2: Comfortable Has a pleasant environment been provided for both customers and staff?
Principle 3: Sense of security Is it assembled or is it a service that can be used securely for a long time?