CSR JAL Group Basic Education and
Training Program

The JAL Group has defined "human resources development" as an important management issue in its FY2012 to 2016 Medium Term Management Plan. Focusing on nurturing leaders and professionals in safety and service areas, it has established a common basic education and training program for the JAL Group in FY2012 and has conducted education and training based on this program. In addition to grade-based training, it has expanded cross-organizational programs such as management skills enhancement training to polish business management skills and invitational challenge training. To promote active participation by diverse human resources, we will continue to nurture and appoint locally hired employees in overseas regions, and also plan and conduct education that will contribute to success in women's careers.
We will address issues to maximize the effects of education and training, such as group-wide management of programs and such, using JAL Education Center founded in April 2012.

TOPICS: JAL Wins the First Position for the Most Attractive Employer Brand in "Good Training" by the Randstad Award Survey 2015

JAL received the honor of being Japan's most attractive employer brand in the "Good Training" category of the Randstad Award 2015 survey, conducted by Randstad Holding NV, a world leading employment services provider. It won recognition for the way all our educational activities are anchored in the JAL Philosophy, which serves as a mindset, a set of values or an attitude shared by all employees. Going forward, we will further enhance our education and training.