CSR Cultivating a corporate culture
of praising one another

To provide a safe and comfortable passenger experience on every flight, every JAL Group staff in every section needs to understand one another and pass the baton in the best condition to the next section. To accomplish this, it is essential that we cultivate a culture of praising one another. Therefore, JAL Group has established a system to commend staff for outstanding behavior anchored in JAL Philosophy (*). Everyone engaged in providing JAL products and services in entrusted companies and cooperative companies, etc. as well as JAL Group qualifies to receive an award.
JAL Group also uses "Thanks Cards" as a means of thanking colleagues for their support when dealing with various situations in the workplace.
Through such activities, JAL Group strives to penetrate a culture of praising one another, while motivating individuals and revitalizing organizations.

*FY2012 results 18 recipients of the President's award, 104 recipients of the General Manager's award (including awards from presidents of JAL Group companies)