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Diversity in management

Our management team

DATE June 30, 2015

We adopt the executive officer system to speed up decision-making. Our executive committee is composed of 9 directors (including 2 female directors) and 25 executive officers excluding those with concurrent duties as director (including 2 female executive officers). Two external directors with vast knowledge and experience in the business or judicial world are appointed to ensure diversity. In addition, to ensure their independence, individuals with substantial independence exceeding standards of independent directors of the Tokyo Stock Exchange are appointed as external directors in order to realize appropriate decision-making and management monitoring by the Board of Directors.

  Total number Internal number
    External members Independent members Female members
Directors 9 2 2 2
Corporate auditors 5 3 3 0
Executive officers 25 0 0 2

Diversity in management

In an effort to encourage diverse human resources to play active roles, the JAL Group believes it is essential to provide women with a fulfilling career path and allow them to participate in the development of JAL Group's future. We also believe that incorporating women's viewpoints in management is essential for creating new corporate values.
Promoting women's career development has therefore been a top priority management issue and various initiatives have been taken. Women account for 10% of directors and executive officers at Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. as of June 30, 2015.
In order to ensure diversity, external directors with vast experience, deep insight and expertise in various fields are appointed.