CSR Message from Top Management on Promoting
the Participation of Diversified Human Resources

To create values and vitality by promoting the participation of diversified human resources
To enable more women in JAL Group to actively participate in business management

The JAL Group is steadily taking the path toward revitalization by putting in group-wide efforts to reach the goal of becoming the world' most valued and preferred airline. Meanwhile, as competition to meet diversifying customer needs is intensifying amid a declining population, it is essential that we create new values so that JAL Group can consistently be chosen by the customers. To accomplish this, it is important that all JAL Group staff voice their opinions, discuss their ideas and move ahead on creating new values that will appeal to customers. An important factor in achieving this is to consolidate and capitalize on capabilities of diverse human resources with different backgrounds and values and new perspectives.

JAL Group where female employees can take active part in the workplace

Since our bankruptcy, we have introduced the Group Management System and Global HR Policy to create an energetic JAL Group, and have expanded opportunities for employees with talent and motivation to participate in business management, regardless of company or region of employment. Many barriers have been removed, bringing forth promising leaders from Group companies with ability and character to lead JAL Group.
In promoting diversified human resources since FY2014, greater promotion of women's career development has been one of our important themes. Compared to other companies, JAL Group has many workplaces for them to play an active role, but there are still divisions and companies where they can take part. As female employees account for half of all JAL Group staff, it is essential that we create a company where more women can participate in business if JAL Group is to achieve further development. Also, I feel that incorporating women's perspective into business operations will surely lead to creating new values.
With this wish, the promotion of women's success in the workplace is a clear target and manifestation of management's intentions, and we will implement concrete measures to this end. We will not only treat this as an issue concerning only women, but also focus on men's issues, and change the awareness and workstyles of every staff.

To becomes the world's most valued and preferred airline

Promoting the participation of diversified human resources including women does not mean that we will highlight a certain segment of employees and support them. Instead, we will tackle this issue through the joint efforts of every staff. Only when all divisions and all Group staff in Japan and overseas work together, we can become the world's top airline. Promoting diversity is a management strategy for JAL Group to beat the competition. Please create new values while focusing on and discussing differences amongst you. Freely discuss what you "want to do" or "want to change" across organizations and attributes. Let's create a dynamic JAL Group and join hands to become the world's most valued and preferred airline.
I believe we can do it.

Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.
Representative Director, Yoshiharu Ueki

* This message from the President was addressed to all JAL Group staff on March 14, 2014.