CSR Carbon offsetting

What are Carbon Offsets?

Understanding your own CO2*1 emissions, carbon offsets mean offsetting all or part of these CO2 emissions which cannot be reduced through effort alone. This is done by making reductions or absorption in other locations. (Source: Ministry of the Environment)

See here for the current state of global warming

*1 Here, all greenhouse gases that are said to cause global warming are referred to collectively as CO2.

Conceptual Diagram of Carbon Offsets

JAL Group Carbon Offsets

In response to requests from customers with a high interest in protecting the environment and preventing global warming, the JAL Group is the first airline to have provided the option of offsetting the CO2 emitted on a flight.
These carbon offsets are a measure to offset all or some of the CO2 emitted by the aircraft by accessing the provider's website*2 through the JAL website, and selecting a sustainable development project to support, such as wind power generation or the reuse of energy.

*2 The JAL Group acts as a carbon offset intermediary for the carbon offset provider Recycle One, Inc.

Conceptual Diagram of Carbon Offsets

The following two methods are used in implementing JAL Group carbon offsets.

  • Donating emission rights (CO2 reduction credits) to Japan in order to contribute to the achievement of Japan's Kyoto Protocol targets (reducing Japan's greenhouse gas emissions by 6% compared to the 1990 levels by 2012).
  • Revoking the emission credits. In other words, by revoking the credits themselves, this contributes to the reduction of CO2 over the entire world.