CSR Air and Water Pollution

Not only exhaust gas from aircraft engines, but other substances which can pollute the air and water such as those used to clean, paint and maintain the aircraft cannot be avoided. We have implemented a number of measures to reduce these pollutants.

How are aircraft washed when they get dirty?
Aircraft are cleaned regularly, normally by hand, to remove dirt. Water used for cleaning at Haneda and Narita maintenance plants are collected in a wastewater treatment facility, and after being treated according to the law it is drained or re-used.

Waste Water Treatment

When are aircrafts repainted?
Aircrafts are repainted on a regular basis when the painted surface becomes damaged (for example, the Boeing 777 is repainted about every 5 and a half years). Of course, before the aircraft can be repainted, the old paint must be stripped away. In order to do this, a large volume of chemicals (peeling agent) are used to peel away the paint, and all of the agent is collected on plastic sheets and is chemically treated and safely discarded.