CSR JAL Group CO2 emissions
reduction target and results

CO2 emissions reduction target

We aim to reduce CO2 emissions from aircraft by 23% (down 1.5% per year) per Revenue Ton Kilometers from FY2005 by FY2020.


In FY2014, we reduced CO2 emissions from JAL Group aircraft by 13.4% per Revenue Ton Kilometers from FY2005. Although CO2 emissions increased by 200,000 tons year-on-year due to business scale expansion, as a result of increased fuel efficiency by a large increase in operating hours of more 787-8 aircraft, greater operational efficiency, engine washing, etc., we reduced CO2 emissions per Revenue Ton Kilometers by 3% year-on-year. We also achieved the 2.5% annual improvement target (average from FY2005~2014).

CO2 emissions results by year