CSR OISCA Children's Forest Program
in Thailand

OISCA Children's Forest Program in Thailand

What is "Children's Forest Program"?

" Children's Forest Program (CFP) " is an international program by OISCA, a public interest incorporated foundation which contributes to developing agriclture and forestry, fostering human resources and conserving the evironment mainly in the Asia-Pacific region. This program promotes green earth activities by children through tree planting in schools and nearby areas, while fostering love for nature and ability to create an enriched society that coexists in harmony with the nature. Since 1991, CFP has supported more than 4,690 schools in 33 countries.

Why is planting trees necessary in Thailand and other tropical region?

Flood in Ayutaya region in Thailand In recent years, especially in the developing countries, natural disasters such as floods, huge hurricanes, drought, and water shortage have occurred frequently. One cause is said to be the rapid decrease of forests by deforestation in addition to abnormal weather due to climate change. The worst flood damage in the autumn of 2011 in the Ayutaya region in Thailand is still fresh in our memory. It was said to be caused by serious forest destruction by burnt farming, wildfire and rapid land development in Chao Phraya Basin in Northern Thailand.

Wildfire is one of the main causes for deforestation According to the website of the Ministry of Environment, total forested land in the world is 40.3 hundred million hectares, occupying 31% of the entire land area and decreasing 5,200 thousand hectares per year on average from the year 2000 to 2010. In some countries in temperate regions, forests are increasing by tree planting activities, but in tropical regions, a dramatic decrease of forests continues due to drought, wildfire, conversion to agricultural land, increase in field farming, and excessive cutting of woods.

Children's awareness is changing through CPF

The Children's Forest Program stresses environmental education so that children understand the purpose of the activity and can connect it with their voluntary action. embody it through independent action. Through education on natural ecology and biodiversity, children feel and watch the nature, and realize the need to protect nature and raise awareness of various other environmental facts. Furthermore, changes in children awareness also influence adults, and bring about a system for sustainable forest preservation.
While respecting nature and biodiversity, it leads to developing human resources who can act for the future of their homeland.

Will you join us in supporting Children's Forest Program in Thailand?

It is very important to stop the decrease of tropical forests which have both functions of reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and preventing floods and other disasters in order to improve people's lives and reduce climate change.
The JAL Group supports CFP and activities to preserve forests and the homeland with children in Northern Thailand through tree planting and environmental education. The JAL Group supports this project by air transportation and we ask JMB members to participate in supporting our charity mile project. Let's support the project to foster the future of children and the earth.

OISCA Children's Forest Project in Thailand Charity Mile (Apr. 13, 2015 - Jun. 30, 2015)

Established in 1961, OISCA is a non-governmental organization (NGO) with General Consultative Status to the United Nations Economic and Social Council. Envisioning a world of coexistence where all people harmoniously coexist by transcending their differences and work to protect and nurture the ecological bases of all life on Earth, OISCA promotes rural development, human resource development, and environmental conservation activities mainly in developing countries in the Asia Pacific region.

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