CSR Environmental Conservation
Measures and Results

The JAL Group is taking positive steps to reduce noise around airports.

  • The JAL Group is actively pursuing initiatives to reduce the amount of noise generated at source and adopt noise abatement operational procedures, as stated in the "Balanced Approach to Aircraft Noise Management " of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). JAL Group's aircraft comply with the most stringent noise source standards, that is, ICAO Chapter 4 standards.
  • At takeoff, aircraft are operated according to noise abatement operational procedures, and tougher standards are applied at Haneda Airport and Itami Airport.
  • At landing, noise abatement operational methods such as Reduced Flap, Delayed Flap, and Idle Reverse are adopted. CDO (Continuous Descent Operations), which significantly reduces noise and CO2 emissions, is implemented at San Francisco International Airport and Kansai International Airport.

The JAL Group is striving to reduce CO2, NOx, CO, HC and other gas emissions from aircraft.

  • Engines of JAL Group aircraft conform to all regulatory values and ICAO CAEP6/CAEP8 NOX Standard.(The applicable standard differs depending on the type certificate).
  • The total amount of emissions is officially announced in "JAL Report" each year.