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Here we will introduce the JAL course "SORAIKU", where we go around the country discussing the environment.

Why is JAL doing "SORAIKU"?

Everyday, the JAL Group uses a lot of fuel in operating our aircraft, and this has an impact on the environment.
We work hard to reduce this impact as much as possible.
We want everyone to know more about the sky, the earth, and the JAL Group's approach to the environment.
That's why we developed the JAL Course "SORAIKU".

What do you talk about at "SORAIKU"?

For Lower Grade Elementary School Students

Compared with the other planets in our solar system, the earth is the only one capable of growing many animals and plants. However, since humans have increased, the earth's environment has changed.
We introduce the effects of global warming, and activities to protect the environment. We also teach about the mechanisms by which planes can fly, and what the earth looks like from an aircraft, completely introducing students to the earth.

For Upper Grade Elementary School Students

The earth's environment has changed as a result of human activity. We introduce the mechanisms of global warming, and the state of the earth from 10,000 meters, as seen by an airline captain.
We use JAL Group activities as examples of the kinds of activities that we must carry out in order to protect the global environment in the future.

What do others feel about "SORAIKU"?

  • I learned that when forest fires are seen from airplanes, they are reported straight away so that they can be put out. I think that's great. (3rd year elementary school student)
  • I have never flown in an airplane, so I didn't know much about the inside of planes, but I learned a lot listening to the Captain's stories. I learned about how a big chunk of iron like a plane could fly... (4th year elementary school student)
  • I felt very close to the impacts of global warming. I also want to do good things for the earth by putting in a little effort in my everyday life. (1st year junior high school student)

How do you apply?

Have your school teacher or your mother or father take a look at this page and apply.


Target: Elementary school or above (Adult only groups are also possible)
Duration: 90 mins (Lecture, video, Q&A etc.)
Venue: Please prepare a place that can use a projector etc.
Cost: The course is free. However, you must pay for your own venue costs, and transportation expenses (Please contact us for more information).
Number of Participants: From 30 people
Application Deadline: From November 2008, by the end of the month 4 months prior to the date of the course.

  • * In the event that there are too many applicants, or for other business reasons, please note that we may not be able to satisfy all requests.

Application Method and Contact Details

JAL Course "SORAIKU", Environment Representative, General Affairs Group, General Affairs Dept., Japan Airlines
Tel: 03-5460-6837
FAX: 03-5460-3069
Email: jal_csr@jal.com