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Achieve sustainable growth with FSC and LCCs

By maintaining and expanding networks that connect Japan, and regions and cities in Japan with the world, the JAL Group will improve accessibility, vitalize regions and make air transport more sustainable. To achieve this, we will strengthen ties with partner airlines and build networks that cover all markets.

Cater to a wide range of customer needs with our FSC and LCC lineup

Figure showing the portfolio passenger transport business

JAL, as a full service carrier, provides and develops high quality products and services and an extensive network with convenient connections, and operates flights to meet the volume and size of demand. We will deepen airline partnerships to build a network that is essential for business, tourism and daily life, and air links between cities and regions in Japan with the world to contribute to stable flows of people and commodities.
To meet diversified customer needs for prices and services, the JAL Group will offer a wider range of prices and diverse services covering all domestic and international markets utilizing its three LCCs (ZIPAIR Tokyo, SPRING JAPAN, Jetstar Japan). In particular, the three LCCs aim to increase so-called “associated demand” by offering reasonable prices for tourism and VFR* demand with growth potential, and making air travel easier and more accessible.
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Improve profitability and accelerate demand recovery and expansion initiatives

On international routes, we will resume routes and flights based on demand recovery from COVID-19. In addition to capturing transit passengers between North America and Asia on Narita routes, where demand has rapidly recovered, we will progressively resume flights to and from Haneda, which were scheduled to be expanded from FY2020, to improve connections to domestic flights, thereby contributing to stimulating flows of people and commodities between regional Japan and the world.
On domestic routes, we will maintain and expand networks as an important social infrastructure. In particular, regional airlines J-AIR, JAC, HAC, JTA and RAC have a social mission to keep community lifelines open. We will therefore optimize their networks and utilize the resources of each airline, while creating and communicating the charms of each region.

Pie chart showing the revenue of international and domestic passenger transport businesses


Achieve high profitability and double business size

The JAL Group offers diverse products in growing and changing markets. Each LCC will promote ESG strategies to create people flow to regional Japan with environmentallyfriendly aircraft and reasonable prices to improve customer preference as the customers’ most preferred LCC and increase profitability.

Pie chart showing the revenue of LCC business

Specifically, the three LCCs will work to capture leisure and VFR* markets, which are expected to grow in the post-COVID-19 future, and double the size of their business. The three Narita-based LCCs will utilize their route networks to create people flow between regional Japan and the world and contribute to the expansion of inbound demand. We will strive to strengthen the JAL Group LCC brand through reciprocal frequency flyer benefits and the strengths and features of JAL and the three LCCs.
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Figure showing the business domains of 3 LCCs, Spring Japan, Zip Air and Jetstar Japan
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