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Air Passengers

Achieving sustainable growth by connecting people with the world and regions

FSC and LCC will maintain and expand networks connecting cities, regions, Japan, and the world, while strengthening cooperation with partnership airlines, to create value for mobility and connection. By updating to fuel-efficient aircraft strategic fleet allocation will strive for sustainable growth that combines network expansion with environmental measures.

Pie chart showing the revenue of international and domestic passenger transport businesses

Meeting the Needs of a Wide Range of Customers Through the FSC and LCC Lineups

Full Service Carrier (FSC) maintains and expands high-quality products, and services and a highly convenient network. Each airline operates flights according to the scale of demand and route characteristics.
We will deepen our cooperation with partnership airlines, build essential networks for business, tourism and daily life. This will contribute to stable human flow and logistics by connecting cities, regions, Japan, and the world.
The three LCCs, namely ZIPAIR Tokyo, SPRING JAPAN, and Jetstar Japan, aim to expand their associated demand by offering reasonable prices for tourists and demand for VFR *1, which is expected to grow. LCCs will make air travel easier and more accessible.
Based on the diversified needs for prices and services, the JAL Group will provide a wide range of prices and services, covering the entire international and domestic markets.
*1. Visit Friends and Relatives


Figure showing the portfolio passenger transport business



By expanding routes to and from Haneda, which were planned to be expanded in FY2020, and improving the convenience of connecting to domestic flights, we will contribute to the expansion of human flow and logistics in Japan and overseas.
We will also work with our joint business code share partners to increase the share of transit demand between North America and Asia, where demand is recovering quickly, on routes to and from Narita.


Maintain the same level of supply as before the COVID-19 pandemic by maximizing the resources of Group airlines.
We will create new demand for travel through co-creation with local communities and promote inbound regional travel.
We will also implement code sharing using the framework of Essential Air Service Alliance (EAS LLP), which is composed of three regional airlines in Kyushu with outlying island routes (JAC, Amakusa Airlines Co., Ltd. (AMX), ORIENTAL AIR BRIDGE CO., LTD. (ORC)), JAL, and All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. (ANA). JAL and ANA will work hand in hand to contribute to regional revitalization by creating human flows to cities and outlying islands.


Through collaboration with JAL, we aim to improve the visibility of each company and the convenience of customers by strengthening our sales power and improving our brand strength. We will also ensure that the three LCCs capture the tourists and VFR markets, which are expected to grow further in the future, and expand our business scale.

Figure showing the business domains of 3 LCCs, Spring Japan, Zip Air and Jetstar Japan
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