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Delivering fresh products from all over Japan!
-J-AIR x Kansai Airport Co., Ltd. hold the 2nd ITAMI Sky Market –

April 22, 2021 Updated.

On April 4, 2021, J-AIR held the 2nd ITAMI Sky Market at Osaka (Itami) International Airport in collaboration with Kansai Airports Co., Ltd.
Please watch the video to learn more about this event and the thoughts of staff involved.

* This event was held with COVID-19 measures in place.

[Video content] 3’18"

  • The day of the event
  • Interviews with customers
  • Interviews with JAL Group staff (J-AIR Planning, JAL Sales Kyushu, J-AIR pilot, J-AIR cabin attendant)

About "ITAMI Sky Market"

J-AIR, which connects the regions in Japan extensively, is working hard to contribute to regional vitalization, such as introducing local specialties on board and participating in events.

As part of this effort, J-AIR held the 1st ITAMI Sky Market in collaboration with Kansai Airports Co., Ltd. The airline delivered fresh produce and well-known products from the six Tohoku prefectures and Niigata Prefecture to Osaka (Itami) International Airport, where they were sold at SKY Market. It made a big hit with the customers.
We will continue to hold this event in a safe and secure environment while keeping an eye on COVID-19 and provide customers with fresh local products from all over Japan.

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