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“Travel Navigator”
- Thoughts behind the JAL Group inflight magazine, SKYWARD

June 28, 2021 Updated.

The JAL Group inflight magazine was first launched in the early 1960s with the start of our northbound European route. For over 50 years since then, JAL Group employees in each era have put their passion into creating a magazine to take our passengers on an exhilarating journey.
This edition focuses on the current content producers and editors of inflight magazine, SKYWARD, and their thoughts toward our customers.

* To browse previous editions of SKYWARD“ in the past year, click here.(Japanese Only)

In addition, SKYWARD +, the web media of SKYWARD, provides special features selected from the magazine and side stories that were not published.(Japanese Only)

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  • History of the JAL Group inflight magazine
  • JAL Group Staff Interviews (producers and editors of inflight magazine, SKYWARD)
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