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Enjoy Okinawa on a wheelchair more freely, more casually, anytime you wish

December 03, 2021 Updated.

The JAL Group is working to improve accessibility in various situations aimed at creating a society where everyone can enjoy a fuller life through travel. This is to share our "3 ~ 4 day accessible Okinawa tour on a wheelchair,” an independent tour that offers wheelchair users and people with mobility difficulties the choice of itinerary, accommodation and activities, and an accessible environment to enjoy Okinawa with peace of mind.
A JAL Group employee who uses a wheelchair participated in the project and carefully selected accessible hotels and water activities. She talks about her thoughts and the behind-the-scenes story of the making of this tour.

[Video content] 4’08"

  • Behind-the-scenes of "3 ~ 4 day accessible Okinawa tour on a wheelchair"
  • JAL Group's efforts to improve accessibility
    *This video was recorded with COVID-19 safety measures in place.
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