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Fuel-Based Net Zero CO2 Emissions - JAL2030 Sustainable Charter Flight

December 27, 2022 Updated.

The JAL Group is ramping up its commitment to sustainability, transforming air travel into a source of delight and pride through efforts such as striving for net zero CO2 emissions by 2050.
The JAL2030 Sustainable Charter Flight operated on November 18 was planned under various themes; Fuel-Based Net Zero CO2 Emissions, Effective Use of Limited Resources, Regional Revitalization, Accessibility and D&I.
We challenged ourselves to create “A Journey to a Sustainable Future” to prompt individuals, companies and communities to think together with us about society in the future.
We would like to share feedback from participants of the flight and the thoughts of employees involved in this project.

(*) Press Release dated October 6, 2022 “Japan Airlines to Operate First Passenger Flight in Japan with Net Zero CO2 Emissions

[Video content] 4’55"

  • JAL2030 Sustainable Charter Flight
  • Comments from passengers
  • From Professor KANIE Norichika, Navigator of JAL2030, Graduate School of Media and Governance, Keio University
  • From the employees involved
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