About JAL's History

JAL's History

We will take a look back at the history of Japan Airlines (JAL), from its founding to the present day, with a timeline of details and notable events.
  • 19913.30
    JAL inaugurates the Tokyo(Narita)=Washington route (with B747 plane, three round trips a week), and starts special in-flight service 'JAL Sushi Bar' on its First Class (for three months).
    Launch of operations on Hiroshima =Oita and Hiroshima =Matsuyama routes by JAL Flight Academy, renamed J-AIR Co., Ltd.(J-AIR).
    JAL inaugurates the Osaka=Matsuyama route (with B767-300 plane).
    JAL inaugurates the Nagoya=Pusan route.
    Japan Air Charter introduces its first aircraft on its Fukuoka=Honolulu route (,with DC-10 plane, as a chartered flight).
    JAL activates domestic self check-in machine.
    JAL inaugurates the Tokyo(Haneda)=Kumamoto, Tokyo(Haneda)=Akita and Tokyo(Haneda)=Nagasaki routes (with B767 planes).
    JAL inaugurates the Hiroshima=Seoul route (with B767 plane).
    JAL inaugurates the Osaka=Kagoshima route (with DC-10 plane).
    JAL inaugurates the first Berlin route among Japanese airlines after reunification of East and West Germany (Tokyo(Narita)=Frankfurt=Berlin) (with B747-300 plane).
    J-AIR inaugurates the Hiroshima=Komatsu(Kanazawa) and Hiroshima=Nagasaki routes.
    Japan Asia Airways inaugurates the Nagoya=Saipan=Guam route (with DC-10 plane).
    JAL inaugurates the Osaka=Cairns=Sydney route (with B747 plane).
    JAL inaugurates the Osaka=Bangkok route (four round trips a week, with DC-10 plane); one of the four flights is extended to Singapore.
    JAL inaugurates the Fukuoka=Hakodate route (with B767 plane)
    JAL inaugurates the Osaka(Itami)=Sendai (with B767 plane) and the Nagoya=Kagoshima (with B767 plane)
    JAL inaugurates the Nagoya=Beijing route (with DC-10 plane); applied on June 12.
    JAL inaugurates the Tokyo(Narita)=Munich ( with B747-400 plane).
    JAL inaugurates the Sendai=Sapporo route (with B767 plane)
    JAL starts 'JAL SKY PLUS campaign'
    JAL sets up a reservation center at Tokyo branch for priority guests, intended for handicapped people
    JAL inaugurates the Osaka=Fukushima route (with B767 plane).
    JAL inaugurates the Tokyo(Haneda)=Ohita routes (with DC-10 plane)
    JAL inaugurates the Tokyo(Narita)=Milan=Rome route (with B747 plane).
    JAL Foundation and JAL inaugurate regular observation (once a month) of upper atmosphere by the aircraft equipped with automatic atmosphere sampling system with the Meteorological Agency etc.
    JAL starts the first in-flight sale on three domestic routes, selling two kinds of T-shirt designed by an Italian designer until July.
    Southwest Airlines Co., Ltd. changes its name to Japan Transocean Air Co., Ltd.
    J-AIR inaugurates the Hiroshima=Niigata route (with Jet Stream Super 31 plane).
    JAL inaugurates the Nagoya=Obihiro route (with B767 plane)
    JAL names MD-11 'J-Bird' and announces that each aircraft will be named after Japanese 'rare birds'; enters service on April 1.
    JAL introduces MD-11 'J-BIRD' on the Tokyo(Haneda)=Hakodate and Tokyo(Haneda)=Kagoshima routes. Their nicknames are 'Tufted Puffin (Etopirika)' and 'Pitta (Yairocho)'.
    JAL introduces 'Sky Massage Seat', the first air massage seat in the world, into the First Class on two international routes.
    Launch of Tokyo (Narita )=Jakarta =Denpasar route (B747).
    JAL introduces Super Executive Seat into Executive class on the Tokyo(Narita) =New York(John F Kennedy) route.
    JAL introduces 'J-Bird' (MD-11) into its international routes; the first flight is for Pusan with the aircraft named 'Tancho (Japanese Crane)'.
    JAL introduces the 1st aircraft of 'JAL Dream Express', with Mickey Mouse and his friends painted on its body, on the Tokyo(Haneda)=Sapporo and Tokyo (Handea)=Fukuoka routes.
    J-AIR inaugurates the Hiroshima Nishi=Osaka(Kansai) route.
    JAL establishes new international routes 'Kansai Express' (3 routes) from/to Osaka (Kansai) along with the opening of Kansai International Airport.
    Launch of new domestic routes to/from Osaka (Kansai) on opening of Kansai International Airport. Nagasaki, Kumamoto, Matsuyama, Haneda, Sapporo, Okinawa, Fukuoka routes.
    Launch of Itami =Nagasaki、Itami =Kumamoto、Itami =Oita 、Itami =Miyazaki routes.
    Launch of Haneda =Miyazaki and Fukushima =Okinawa routes.
    Japan Asia Airways inaugurates the Osaka(Kansai)=Denpasar=Jakarta route (with DC-10-40 plane)
    JAL inaugurates a Sendai=Honolulu scheduled flight, (with DC-10 plane) by wet-lease system from Japan Air Charter
    JAL inaugurates the Osaka(Kansai)=Ho chi mihn route (with DC-10 plane)
    J-Air inaugurates the Komatsu(Kanazawa)=Niigata route.
    JAL takes over and inaugurates the Nagoya=Okinawa(Naha) and Nagoya=Yamagata routes from Japan Transocian Air (with B767 plane).
    JAL opens its Internet website ahead of other airlines in Japan, and provides interactive services on the website.
    JAL inaugurates the Osaka(Kansai)=Oita route.
    JAL inaugurates the Osaka(Kansai)=Kagoshima route.
    JAL inaugurates the Obihiro=Fukushima route.
    JAL introduces the first B737-400 aircraft 'Cosmos' (150 seats) on the Osaka(Kansai)=Kagoshima and Nagoya=Kagoshima routes.
    The first female '1st grade aircraft mechanic' is originated in JAL.
    JAL introduces B737-400 aircfart 'Rindo (Gentian)' (FLOWER JET) on the Ohita=Osaka(Kansai) route on a daily operation.
    Japan Asia Airways special aircraft enters service, coated with pictures designed by elementary and junior high school children in Taiwan, as a part of the 20th anniversary of the foundation memorial event.
    JAL introduces the first international cargo freighter of B747 plane painted with the logo of 'JAL SUPER LOGISTICS' on the Tokyo(Narita)=Singapore route.
    J-AIR inaugurates the Hiroshima Nishi=Izumo route.
    JAL inaugurates the Tokyo(Nairta)-Kona(Hawaii Island)-Honolulu-Tokyo(Narita) route (with B747 plane).
    JAL inaugurates the Sendai=Obihiro route.
    JAL starts a domestic reservation service on the Internet for 24 hours a day applying to all domestic flights.
    JAL inaugurates the Osaka(Kansai)=Frankfurt route.
    JAL inaugurates the Osaka(Kansai)=Hakodate route , Sapporo=Niigata route.
    Establishment of J-AIR Co., Ltd. Operation of 8 routes to/from Hiroshima West.
    JAL introduces 'SEASONS' into JAL Executive Class, renewing the whole services such as seats, in-flight meals and airport lounges; announced on September 04.
    J-AIR inaugurates the Hiroshima Nishi=Tottori route.
    JAL inaugurates the Osaka(Kansai)=Delhi route (with MD-11 plane).
    J-AIR inaugurates the Komatsu(Kanazawa)=Izumo route.
    J-AIR inaugurates the Niigata=Sendai route.
    JAL inaugurates the Osaka(Kansai)=Milan=Roma route (with B747-400 plane, two round trips a week); applied on August 07.
    JAL inaugurates the Nagoya=Miyazaki route.
    J-AIR inaugurates the Hiroshima Nishi=Nanki Shirahama route.
    JAL Express Co., Ltd. (JEX) is established as the operation company of B737 planes.
    JAL introduces JAL Mileage Bank (JMB) into domestic flights.
    J-AIR originates its first woman co-pilot in Japan.
    JAL inaugurates the Tokyo(Haneda)=Obihiro, Tokyo(Haneda)=Memanbetsu and Tokyo(Haneda)=Kochi routes.
    The first female pilot operates the flight, for the first time in Japanese regular aircraft, on Tokyo(Haneda)-Hakodate route as a co-pilot of B747 aircraf
    J-AIR inaugurates the Hiroshima Nishi=Kagoshima route.
    JAL inaugurates the Osaka(Kansai)=Bagkok=Johannesburg route, by code-sharing with South African Airlines (with B747-200 plane).
    JAL inaugurates the Osaka(Kansai)=Dallian route (with B767-300 plane)
    JAL operates a chartered flight of the Nagano Olympic Flame, and the flight JL5418 arrives at Tokyo(Narita) from Athens on December 23.
    J-AIR inaugurates the Niigata=Hanamaki route; abolished on March 31, 2001.
    JAL displays a logo supporting Japanese representative team for the World Cup Soccer on its aircrafts.
    JAL Express acquires a license to operate the Osaka(Itami)=Miyazaki and Osaka(Itami)=Kagoshima routes, and announces the JEX logo and its design of aircraft and uniform.
    JAL inaugurates the Nagoya=Los Angels route (with DM-11 plane).
    JAL inaugurates the Hiroshima=Honolulu route (with DC-10-40 plane).
    JAL inaugurates the Nagoya=London route; applied on February 02.
    JAL obtains its domestic industries' first ISO9001 certification for exports operation in Narita cargo branch.
    JAL inaugurates the Osaka(Kansai)=Tientsin and Nagoya=Tientsin routes (with B767-300 plane)
    JAL inaugurates the Fukushima=Sapporo route (with 767-300 plane).
    JAL Express inaugurates the Osaka(Itami)=Miyazaki and Osaka(Itammi)=Kagoshima routes (transfered from JAL).
    JAL inaugurates the Tokyo(Narita)=Dalian route (with B767-300 plane)
    JAL inaugurates the Tokyo(Narita)=Tsingtao route (with B767-300 plane)
    J-AIR inaugurates the Niigata=Nagoya route.
    Japan Asia Airways' flight attendants begin to wear their new uniform, designed by Yoichi Nagasawa.
    JAL inaugurates the Tokyo(Narita)=Las Vegas route (with B747-300 plane); approved on August 04.
    J-Air inaugurates the Nagoya=Kochi and Kochi=Miyazaki routes.
    JAL inaugurates the Niigata=Honolulu route (with DC-10 plane)
    JAL develops the software 'JAL Online', which supports direct domestic airticket flight tickets computer reservations and purchasing, targeting at corporate customers, and launches its service.
    Aircraft Equipment Factory (Haneda) of the Maintenance Headquarter obtains domestic airline's first ISO14001 certification.
    JAL inaugurates the Tokyo(Narita)=Dallas route (with B747-400 plane)
    J-Air inaugurates the Hisoshima Nishi=Kochi and Kochi=Fukuoka routes.
    JAL enforces a non smoking service on all international flights.
    JAL inaugurates the Nagoya=Guam route.
    JAL inaugurates the Osaka(Kansai)=Chicago route (B747-400 plane).
    JAL changes Japan Air Charter Co., Ltd. as regular flights operating company and renames it JAL Ways Co., Ltd.
    JAL introduces the first cargo freighter on the Seoul=Osaka(Kansai) route.
    JAL introduces aircrafts with the logo of the Okinawa Summit on their bodies.
    JAL operates the Shanghai=Tokyo(Narita) first scheduled cargo freighter.
    JAL and JAL Foundation are awarded 'commendation from the Minister for Transport' with their Environmental Observation and Monitoring Project.
    JAL introduces the special aircrafts into domestic routes painted with the JOC emblem and letters of 'Ganbare! Nippon!' on their bodies toward Sydney Olympics.
    JAL inaugurates the Tokyo(Narita)=Ho Chi Mihn route by code-sharing flights with Vietnam Airlines (with B747-400 plane).