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JAL Social Media Use Agreement

Joining Our Company's Social Media

At JAL Group, we welcome anyone to participate in the social media service (hereinafter the "service") we run. Also, employees of JAL Group participate in this service voluntarily, and may express their individual opinions. However, these are only their individual opinions and do not represent the views of this Company.

Article 1. Applicable range of this Social Media Policy

This social media policy expresses the social media policy in active use by JAL Group. This policy applies to all individuals who use the social media service run by the Company, and not just executives and employees.

Article 2. Rules of Use

1. Users must not engage in any of the following behavior when using this service.

  • Any behavior that violates laws or public morals and order
  • Any behavior that is linked or may become linked to criminal activity
  • Any behavior that violates another's privacy, and any other behavior that violates the stipulations of the separate "JAL Group's Basic Policies on Information Security and the Protection of Personal Information"This page will open in a new window
  • Remarks or behavior that contain any political or religious topics, insulting to a particular individual or obscene content, or could cause damage to JAL Group
  • Any behavior that violates laws regarding the fair use of copyrighted materials or the likeness of someone's image
  • Any behavior that uses this service or information provided by JAL Group for profit
  • Any behavior that uses this service for profit (including linking to other Web sites)
  • Any behavior that inserts or sends malicious computer programs or false files
  • Any behavior that impedes access or partial use of JAL Group service of other users
  • Any other behavior that is deemed by JAL Group to be inappropriate for this service

2. JAL Group reserves the right to delete information posted by users on the site and any other content without prior notice as well as take any other required measures.

The Company will establish a management system and assign responsibility for its maintenance.

Article 3. Rules on Damages to Third Parties

Should any damage occur to a third party during the use of this service, the user shall compensate these damages at their own responsibility and funding, and shall resolve any disputes with third parties on their own without any involvement of JAL Group.

Article 4. Compensation for Damages

Should a user violate this agreement and inflict damage on JAL Group, JAL Group reserves the right to make a claim against the user for damages.

Article 5. Disclaimer

1. Regarding the soundness of information,
JAL Group does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or legality of any information provided on the service by JAL Group, its subsidiaries or other parties outside of its users.

2. Regarding damages to third parties,
JAL Group accepts absolutely no responsibility for damages to users and other third parties arising from the above information, except in cases of intentional or gross error on the part of JAL Group.

Article 6. Handling Intellectual Property Rights and Personal Information

1. Regarding intellectual property rights,
all copyrighted information and content released by users to the Web site through use of the service, or sent in e-mail form to JAL Group shall be gratuitously relinquished to JAL Group, and the author's personal rights shall not be respected in the use of such information and content by JAL Group.

2. Regarding copyrights,
any information obtained through the service shall not be used for any other purpose, such as duplication, distribution, publishing, public release etc., outside of personal use within the range limited to the individual or the household. Additionally, any information and content in the service that exceeds the boundaries set forth in other copyright law shall not be used without permission.

3. Regarding the handling of personal information, content, including personal information in the service, shall be managed in accordance with the stipulations of the separate "JAL Group's Basic Policies on Information Security and the Protection of Personal Information"This page will open in a new window.

Article 7. Changes to Policy

1. JAL Group may change this policy without the permission of users. In such a case, the newest agreement shall apply to the use of the social media.

2. This agreement shall have binding power from the moment that it is displayed on the Web site, except in cases where it has been stipulated separately by JAL Group.

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